2019 Honda Insight looks surprisingly good in R-type guise

Even though Honda is unlikely to build a performance-oriented version of the new Insight, we can only help but give it credit by at least making the new one more attractive than its predecessor

with cars New Release, X-Tomi created a preview of the Insight 2019, showing how a hypothetical version of R could look. Its list of changes, including the new bumper, a rear wing, wheels (and brakes) and a dark grille, mirrors and roof

The mere fact that this car does not seem ridiculous with all these extra stuff is a testament to the successful redesign of the real model. Also, if someone forgot what Insight looks like, here's a reminder. Not one of the most beautiful moments of Honda, is it? Now, for reasons of argument, let's say Honda does not launch an Insight Type-R. The question is, would it be more attractive than the Civic Type-R? Well, they belong to different segments, but the rendering does not seem overly overlapped with the Civic Type-R, which some people might appreciate.