A McLaren electric sedan would be an exciting mission for the Porsche E Fighter

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McLaren is firmly convinced they will not build an SUV because sport cars and supercar are what they represent, but what about a four-door model?

Such a vehicle would inevitably become a more expensive alternative to the Porsche Panamera or, if it becomes a zero emission engine, the future E mission.

A play, posted by Jose Rodriguez Nebreda ] shows what a McLaren with four hypothetical doors would look like and the result is pretty good, actually.

Notice that it does not have much in common with the new 720S, adopting a unique style with muscular lines, a very long hood and headlamps inspired by the McLaren Sports Series series.

If McLaren decides to enter the super-saloon segment, he will have to fight not only with Mission E, but also with Aston Martin's RapidE and of course the all-conquering Tesla S. Well, Elon Musk company had the segment on its own for some time, so it could use some competitions …