Add Amazon Alexa to your old machine, as small as $ 50

Bringing Amazon Alexa to vehicles is a new trend for automotive manufacturers looking to add some technology to their vehicles. Unfortunately, it is a relatively new feature, which means that car owners are not lucky if they want to add the company's voice control system to their old car. These two solutions allow everyone to add Alexa to their vehicle, and one option costs less than $ 50.

At CES, Anker recently debuted Roav Viva at $ 49.99, while Speak Music introduced Muse at $ 69.99. Both items, as shown Forbes connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and connects to the car's power port. For truly old machine drivers, Muse is the way to go because it comes with a 3.55 mm plug that connects to the auxiliary port, while Rover Viva from Anker requires a car to have a Bluetooth connection.

The cheaper Roav Viva comes with two USB charging ports for your devices and installation of the gadget is relatively simple: connect it, plug it in with a smartphone, make sure your phone is associated with the car's Bluetooth and you're done. The socket found that Anker's unit had taken over the voices, even from the passengers behind the car.

The Muse is just as easy to install but has an extra component – an external button that also doubles the microphone to be placed on the board. The unit comes with two USB chargers, but one is used for the external button, so only one is left for charging other devices.

Also, the two commercial decks refer to what is compatible with them. Both work with Amazon Music, TuneIn, Pandora and Radio iHeart. They are not compatible with Spotify, but that comes in the near future. Both will also work with other Alexa devices

So, which one should you go with? Well, Forbes claims that Anker is the one who has, because he can make calls through Alexa, allows users to use it to configure Google Maps and is cheaper. It also happens to have an extra charging port and is easier to install. The only downside to the device is that your machine needs Bluetooth.

However, both options are excellent ways to add Alexa to the old vehicle. To watch Roav Viva in action, check out the video below and you can head to the Indiegogo page to learn more about Muse.