Alfa Romeo back in the USA: in 2017, record sales of stars and stripes

Record of sales for Alfa Romeo in USA. The numbers will have to grow againbut in 2017 Alfa has obtained the best result of always overseas. 12.031 Alfa in the States in 2017 were sold, burning the record of 1986when they were delivered 8.021.

The month of December signed a other record, with 2,034 cars delivered. A leap from the 1,440 in November. The 2018 projection could lead to over 20,000 units on an annual basis. An important figure.

 Alfa Romeo Giulia best sedan in USA

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Giuliawho won the car award of the year in North Americain December it totaled 1,011 models sold. Stelvio reached the 997. In 2017 Giulia in the USA sold 8,903 units, in fact dragging the Mark, Stelvio 2.721, but the commercialization started in the second part of the year.


Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport

Alfa Romeo back in USA: completes the trio the flag bearer

The Alfa 4C remains a product of niche. But it was the first car of the Biscione to return to the United States i. And in 2017 it was sold in 407 copies. It remains a crucial model for prestige, both in the coupe version and in the spider body. The new generationexpected for the end of the year, will be important for the image Alfa Romeo.

Alfa 4C

Overall a positive result for Alfa, which for 2018 aims to surpass Maserati. 2017 for the Tridente of Modena brought 13.697 cars sold in the States.

 Alfa Romeo back in the USA: in 2017 record sales of stars and stripes