Alfa Romeo big SUV, will arrive in 2019: also hybrid


Alfa Romeo large SUV will arrive in 2019 . The third model of the renaissance of the Mark of Biscione will be on the market at the beginning of next year.
After the announcement of Sergio Marchionne at the Detroit Motor Show Alfa's program continues, albeit with dilated times. The sport utility vehicle of the Segment E with dimensions around 4.90 meters long will obviously have the derivative platform of that of Giulia and Stelvio . Or Giorgio, flat modular where it will be possible to apply traction posterior and that integral . Optionally there will be also the configuration to 7 seats .

The words of the FCA number one have been clear. “ The elder sister of Stelvio and the younger sister of Levante will have priority over everything “.

The new model almost certainly will adopt the automatic transmission exclusive. Like the Stelvio which has the ZF 8-speed. As for the engines, the adoption of the diesel could be dedicated to the 2.2 with power of 210 horses or even higher and perhaps of the V6 3.0 adopted by Maserati and Jeep Grand Cherokee .

For engines to petrol the 2.0 280-horsepower turbo and the equipped version of the 2.9 V6 of origin Ferrari (that of the Quadrioglio versions of Giulia and Stelvio) seems obvious. But the highlight will be the first Alfa Romeo hybrid .

The large SUV of the Biscione, whose name is still secret, will be a mild hybrid . A hybrid light in name and in fact, because the containment of the weights is indispensable to guarantee pleasure of guide performance and efficiency . Features that a plug-in system can not guarantee. In this way the new model will weigh about 200 kg more than the Stelvio

Alfa Romeo large SUV: power of over 350 horses of the mild hybrid model

As he said Roberto Fedeli Chief Technical Officer of Alfa Romeo and Maserati We have to combine the new car with the right level of electrification. The mild hybrid is a viable solution without losing in the car's personality. With these characteristics we can reach a power between 350 and 400 horses. And the results are not bad at the simulators “. The formula is that of the 2-liter turbo petrol combined with a 48-volt system and one electrically-powered turbine . Which would also ensure a containment of fuel consumption. We will have to wait a year.

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