All the best car movies released in 2017

I films on cars have always been fascinating and 2017 has given numerous titles that have achieved a fairly successful at the box office.

For those who are passionate about cinema and cars there is nothing better than a script that speaks of the latter from all points of view. In 2017 different titles were released titles based on cars, films that were able to tell this fascinating world in different shades.

Fast and Fourious 8

In 2017 the last chapter of the saga was published which is proposed as a spectacular sequel to the number 7 movie of the series. Describes as always in a unique and spectacular the races of the cars developed and, despite the success in the halls and the wide open mouths of fans of the series, from the criticism has been defined exaggerated and on the verge of the surreal due pursuit of the car / submarine to the proposed pole

In general the plot is more about the personal events of the cast where Vin Diesel is always in the foreground.

Fast as the wind [19659005] Stefano Accorsi portrays the figure of Mario Andrettiin a film about cars that winds between breathtaking scenes of car racing and personal events.

Rovere and Giulia are the protagonists of this history that makes the track and speed its central fulcrum and that gives the Italian cinema something different, a test like many foreign films emblazoned.

Out of control

A thriller c he confirms a Mel Gibson actor of high level and able to interpret films that make to be glued to the screen until the last frame. The character of the detective he interpreted is acute, suspicious and attentive.

Cars are certainly not lacking and are flaunted as means with which the classics unravel pursuits between good guys and bad guys along the adrenaline scenes of the film.

Need for speed

Film born as a consequence of the widespread console game, considered by critics a sort of response to Fast and Forious.

Cars return to be the real center of attraction of the film, the car races remain many and all at high speed. Less focused on personal events than the film with Vin Diesel but rich in fast cars and sparkling always shiny, car luxurious and not at all exaggerated.

Nothing is as it seems [19659005] A love story that takes place between deception and manipulation of reality against the background of the Formula 1 circuit in Buenos Aires. A complicated and intertwined story on the edge of a mix of film genres in which Will Smith proves to be a multifaceted actor.