AMD reveals APU Ryzen for desktop, cheap last year Ryzeny – and other news from CES

Processor Ryzen and Zeppelin Zippelin (Photo: Fritzchens Fritz)



Desktop APU for Me [sÃcSurprisinglycheap

First we look at the desktop APU. It's nothing more than a version of the Raven Ridge, used in Mobile Rays executed for the AM4 socket. AMD introduces two models that you can easily recognize by the letter “G” at the end of the call. It is exactly the two models that have been missed but have been mistakenly considered to be a powerful notebook solution. Both processors are four-stroke and contain Radeon Vega graphics – one in a configuration of 8, the other in a full fire 11 CU units. It should look like the best integrated graphics in a PC processor. So if we do not count Intel consoles or processors (which have an integrated stand-alone GPU).

The more powerful pair will be Ryzen 5 2400G. It's a four-door, which has an active SMT, so it's processing eight winds. His graphics Radeon Vega 11 carries 11 CU, that is, 704 shaders. The UA GPU does not know yet another tact, but the maximum frequency is 1250 MHz. According to AMD, the graphical performance could be as much as the Nvidia GeForce GT 1030, it should be a comparison of sketches in 3DMark. The processor has 4MB of L3 cache and AMD boasts CPU cores that are surprisingly high. They go above the price of the Ryžen 5 1500X, the basic clock of the 2400G is 3.6 GHz and its turbo then 3.9 GHz (it would probably still have a XFR, enough but only 50MHz, since it is not a model)

So far as the L3 cache is concerned, this APU essentially needs this higher CPU model. In addition to a possible bonus in that it is a monolith with a single CCX, communication between the two CPU halves is no longer possible. The TDP is 65ÂW, but with a 45W W configuration. According to the previous information, there should probably be a further 35W version, but it's probably another model (called S). Radeon Vega 11 in APu Ryzen 5 2400G have power equivalent to the GeForce GT 1030. At least in 3DMark ” width=”1014″ height=”431″ >

Radeon Vega 11 in APu Ryzen 5 2400G have power matching GeForce GT 1030. At least in 3DMark

Ryzen 3 2200G will make you more than his name seems to be. This four-way array does not have SMT, so it processes only four drivers and the multivariable output will be much lower. The frequency is 3.5 GHz at 3.7 GHz at maximum boost (and XFR would probably be 50 MHz). Thus, the processor is close to the 3 1300X, with the XFR capable of up to 3.9 GHz on one junction. Assuming that Raven Ridge can make progressing faster with Precision Boost 2. This model also has 4MB of L3 cache and 65W TDP with a reduction of 45 W. Eventually, it will be a 35W version, but not officially confirmed.

The graphics of this model have 512 shaders (8 CU), but it is also something that is clocked. Its maximum boost frequency is only 1100 MHz. Therefore, the gross power will be significantly reduced (by 36%), but the overall impact would not be so severe where the main brake is the DDR4 memory permeability of the processor. Their speed should be the same for both CPUs.

 SnÃmek Ä ipu Raven Ridge by AMD.<figure id=  SnÃmek Ä ipu Raven Ridge by AMD. The left hand side is the CCX CPU, a memory stick above it, and a multimedia plug-in block beneath it. GPU Vega are blue blocks on the right
Snume Raven Ridge from AMD. The left hand side is the CCX CPU, a memory stick above it, and a multimedia plug-in block beneath it. Vega GPUs are blue blocks on the right

Aggressive prices, in stores for the month

The good news is that these APUs will come out relatively soon. The official day when they can begin to sell is set to 12 February, so they will not wait for the release on June 12, 2000 (they're just a CPU without integrated graphics, but then again > T to 6? 8? J? Dry). Better yet, AMD surprised the price. This is less than likely to be common. The Ryzen 5Â 2400G is officially $ 169 US dollars, which, after adding VAT, comes to about 4350 Czech crowns.

 Prices of APU Raven Ridge
Prices of Desktop APUs Raven Ridge

Ryzen 3 2200G goes to 99 $,about 2550 KÄ not shared). Therefore, if their CPU's performance had previously gone to Ryzen 5 1400 a Ryzen 3 1200, these APUs will not be expensive, so graphics do not really work