Another trial against Tesla Model S P85D Real Output Surfaces in Norway

Tesla Model S becomes somewhat controversial machine in Norway. The electric car is faced with another process in the country, because the owners of the S P85D suck Tesla on false advertising Dagens Naerlingsliv .

Towards the end of 2016, 126 owners of the S P85D in Norway sued Tesla, arguing that the electric sedan produced only 469 horsepower instead of the alleged 691 horsepower. The latest batch of drivers want to get the same settlement as the previous owners, who saw that each Model S P85D car owner received 65,000 Norwegian crowns ($ 7,700) in an extrajudicial transaction. Some, however, have opted for a lower payment, in addition to receiving upgrades to Teslas.

"It's the same case that ended in a compromise last time," said plaintiff lawyer Christoffer Falkeid. "It's the power of the car and the mistakes in marketing and the sales process, but I do not want to go in quantities."

Although there is a substantial difference between a 469 HP and one 691 hp, there is a simple reason for the discrepancy. As shown Teslarati The S P85D has a dual configuration. The front engine is rated by Tesla to produce 221 hp, while its rear generates 471 hp, offering a combined 691 hp car.

Unfortunately, for Tesla in Norway, this is false advertising, which leads to lawsuits. The trial will take place at the Oslo District Court in June and is expected to last for six days

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