Apple and Google have blocked the game of parodying Milos Zeman

Ten days into the presidential election and the game of parodying Milo Zeman disappeared from both Google and Apple stores (or Apple refused to publish it). Pussywalk II: The Way to Urban is a funny game in which you control the character of a co-starring current president, and try to stop him playing and

Try it Pussy Walk II  You can also find in the web browser, but there were problems with mobile phones. The Apple game in AppStoru has refused to publish, claiming that the Czech politics, the literal expression of the offensive depictions of Czech politiciansâ € “

Pussy Walk 2

Google is more benevolent and on Android phones you could play the game normally. Later on, she was also bouncing on her, and apart from Apple, she had other reasons. The game contained nudity. (19659006) pussy-4

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VÃvojvojኙ i all comments on his Facebook  and for the publisher they have published a free APK file download. For the Google Play game, they have “fixed”. At the same time, the original soundtrack has changed a bit, where it makes fun of Google. For iOS, the release of the separate installation file is not downloaded