Arthritis: How It Shows and What Is The Most Effective Way To Cure

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Arthritis is a widespread disorder, but still not fully understood and details are not clear by all. In fact, the word "arthritis" does not show a single pathologic disorder, but refers to fans of pain disorders and joint disease . To date, they have described more than 100 types of arthritis which can obscure the elderly and the sex (although the incidence of statistical incidence in the elderly and women is greater)

Disorder usually With swelling pain stiffness of joints and decreased mobility . Symptoms can be intermittent, vary in intensity, and remain even for many years, and remain even over the years, and worsen over time.

As always, preventive controls and guidance for a healthy life are best Arthritis able to prevent or slow down the onset, maintain the health of our joints, and our mobility. However, it is appropriate to tell pathology, it is advisable to begin by describing more common types

The main types of arthritis and its causes

  Arthritis knees

Severe forms of arthritis can be as a result of Chronic pain Disability in daily activities and even even actions such as walking and climbing the stairs, make them themselves a detailed change this last The result can be visible to the naked eye – as in the case of arthritis that affects the finger – or can only be seen with X-rays. There are also types of arthritis that affect the internal organs, such as the heart, the lungs, kidneys and others, such as Scleroderma which affects the skin

Let's see what the main forms of arthritis are. ?

Arthritis Destruction

Osteoarthritis is the most common and known type. This happens when tired of the cartilage the surface that protects the bone's end portion and removes rotary; in this case, the friction between the damaged bones occurs causing pain Inflation and Articular stiffness . This disease can worsen over time and cause loss of strength and chronic pain.

Among the risk factors :

  • Overweight
  • Hereditary;
  • Age;
  • Pre-damaged injuries, such as the anterior cruciate ligament rupture or sprays Muscle

Inflammatory arthritis

This type of is an autoimmune disease which is an abnormal response to the immune system when attacked by an organ, which is designed to defend, Changing the function or anatomy of the damaged section is designed. Inflammation is a natural response to the immune system when there is a disease or infection to fight. However, in the case of inflammatory arthritis, however, the immune system invades the joints with uncontrolled inflammation causes bone loss and lesion of the tendons, as well as damage to the organs Internal and other parts of the body. One of the best known examples of this disorder is rheumatoid arthritis which may affect the joints, skin, lungs, eyes and blood vessels and psoriatic arthritis . Which often affects fingers and toes in people with psoriasis

appears to be the basis of the disease as a combination of genetic and environmental factors : cigarette smoke, for example, with the onset of arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis in people with some genetic factors.

 Manny's arthritis

Infectious arthritis

In this typology, joint inflammation is caused by a bacterium a virus or a fungus that enters the joint And infect it. For example, through Salmonella or Shigella through Food Poisoning contagious diseases such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea and by Hepatitis C blood infections are often transmitted through the infection of the infection

Metabolic arthritis

is also known as Gout . Increased levels of uric acid in blood produced by purines metabolism, a substance found in body cells and in many Foods, for example, occur in cases of chronic kidney failure. In some people, a high level of uric acid is due to excessive production and does not kill the organism quickly enough; this results in one percent of cases – typically men over 40 – forming uric acid crystals in The joints, which over time, cause sudden and painful pain . Metabolic arthritis occurs intermittently, but if the amount of uric acid decreases, it can cause permanent pain and impotence in the motor.

Arthritis treatments: From diagnosis to treatment

  Medical examination of arthritis

Diagnosis of the disease can be done by a general practitioner, from clinical trials Blood tests and images Which facilitates the identification of the type of arthritis. The specialist of this disease is a rheumatologist which, if uncertain about the type, or if arthritis is inflammation or metabolism, can recognize continuous treatments for more complex cases. [1965،9002] Depending on the type and pathology of the particular, various specialists may enter the treatment path such as an orthopedic surgeon for joint surgery, an ophthalmologist if the eyes are affected, skin specializing in symptoms associated with Skin and dentist if the "inflammatory focus" is hidden in the teeth, perhaps due to periodontitis .

There is no definite treatment

As we said earlier, arthritis is still a disease with uncertain lines and, except for some inflammatory cases, there is no definite treatment for the disease by type .

For example Osteoarthritis In the light or moderate form, it can be controlled by a low and regular motor activity, a specific task in the muscles Heat and cold therapy , Weight control, anti-inflammation, housing and avoiding repetitive movements that are too frequent. However, if the symptoms are more severe and cause limited mobility and a life-quality punishment, the drugs used above are beneficial, but surgery may be necessary with a joint prosthetic .

Inflammatory arthritis treatments are medicines called anti-rheumatic drugs, which are called anti-rheumatic drugs or DMARD (English abbreviation 19459014), anti-rheumatic drugs for disease modification . . It is anti-inflammatory which, unlike non-steroids and corticosteroids has an effect on inflammatory protein stimulating causes and is not limited to the fight against it. When used in the early development of a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, these drugs can prevent joint damage, improve function and reduce pain. [1965،9002] About Infectious Arthritis Treatment Based on Antibiotic Uric Acid Inhibitor Like Gout, In addition to Enough Food Rich in Milk, Egg , Cheese, Vegetables, Anti-Arthritis

  Arthritis Prevention

Since there are in many respects no resistance therapy, Prevention remains as always the best ally against this disease. Exercise and maintenance is an ideal controlled weight for maintaining common health and mobility.

However, osteoarthritis, a widespread form of the disease, can occur after injury. Muscle or ligaments. In this case, constant clinical checks and a correct recovery pathway can be different compared to the onset of osteoarthritis. A Rehabilitation Medical Insurance Policy For signing up and with important discounts when buying for other family members, it is not a perfect solution to disregard rehabilitation and proper fitness, return to unconscious mind

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