Asus revealed an OLED monitor: 4K with a 21.6 “diagonal, professional calibration and mobility image

Only a couple of days to the CES 2018, where a whole series of monitors will surely be seen, Asus has decided to unveil some news from this ranch prednostně před sebou. I guess I would say that right. Because its unveiled Asus ProArt PQ22UC monitor would definitely not fit. You will find a somewhat unusual combination of parameters, but it is mainly an OLED screen, only the second one on the market after the storm Dellu UltraSharp UP3017Q .

Small Large Profi Monitor

Asus obviously uses a different panel, as its monitor has a diagonal measurement of only 21.6 inches. This is a rather small, compact display. Its maker even uses it to make the stand enjoyable and the whole mobile monitor. You can fold and then you can easily carry it with you in your “ffattling” for profi-graphic work on the streets / in the terrain / hipster cafes ¡Rnách. Its weight is only a kilogram.

The resolution of the OLED screen is 3840 – 2160 dots (alias 4K and UHD), so the pixels will be very fine. As it is clear, it is a professional monitor that can be calibrated to a color variation â † EÂ <Â 2. The panel should even be a native 10-bit and a sketch- Wide color gamut: 99% DCI-P3. Response by OLED technology should be practically unrecognizable (at least against LCD), Asus gives 0.1 ms

Contrast ratio ProArtu PQ22UC is up to 1 000 000: 1 but unfortunately we do not know, such as maximum luminance, as well as its durability on a small or full surface. In spite of the publicly available parameters, this information is nowhere to be seen, and it does not say that it would have a model of DisplayHDR . So I'm struggling to make it difficult to achieve relatively low achievable brightness and beyond the wide range it will not fully display the HDR ( ComputerBase hard That the maximum brightness is 350 cd / m² and typical 140 cd / m², which would confirm these concerns).

 Asus ProArt PQ22UC, Profi OLED Monitor with Mobile Use Possibility
Asus ProArt PQ22UC, Profi OLED Monitor with Possibility mobile access

Mobility even in porta

The monitor is powered by two USB Type C ports and one Micro HDMI, with the possibility of mobile use, so it is obviously > Mänä vážne. The price unfortunately the company did not reveal how much it is doing, and it will not be very pleasant (as it is already doing). What the heck was nothing to say about availability or availability. With the memory of “GODOT”, Dell is worried that we do not want a little bit of hope, but it will not be so bad if Asus does not take this mark just as a lot of forward-

For what we will also be very tense is the quality of the screen. As it was seen last time, OLEDs have their flies. Apart from the problem of maintaining the sparkle brightness, it can be colorful when viewed from the side and then outstretched in a similarly dilated diode and the risk of image burning. How did Asus manage to cope with them, we still do not know. But for progress in the area of ​​monitors, we would want it to be good.