Benign tumors: the most common and how they behave

One of those diagnosed with cancer is a very sensitive moment in many cases. L is complicated and deserves research by the patient and those close to him: the term "tumor", in fact, is the only common name that has been done with reference to a wide range of pathology Different in nature and clinical evolution, more or less serious and can be treated in many cases. Today we want to focus on benign tumors : First, we will try to provide an overview of their characteristics, then to follow the most common types and more treatment methods when Talk about benign tumor

  Removal of benign tumor

As we know, we refer to tumor (or neoplasia) to a localized neoplophysis transmitted by one or How many organs During our biological life, our tissues are certainly subjected to a series of morphological changes: most of them are physiologicaland therefore, with cellular changes and other changes in the pathologic pathway : Unfortunately, among these tumors falls.

Tumor deformation in our tissues usually has thickening properties (This term is inflated from the Latin tumeo verb ) and is produced by cells that It produces ten times its rapid and unusual expansion with respect to their natural biological rhythms. However, only in some cases, the masses formed through these cells, trace the surrounding organs, cause metastases in other places: in this case, the tumor is called the "malignant" . On the other hand, when neoplasia remains within its range, diagnosis benign tumor detection is generally formulated

Tumor cell analysis
but how accurate it is Benign Benign Malignant Tumor When our doctor has confirmed the presence of a neoplasm, he continues the clinical course with other research: The tissue examination is fundamental, including the removal of tissue samples from the affected area. And then microscopic analysis in anatomical pathology.

Typically, tissue mass is considered to be benign, when the cells are similar to the tissue that makes them based on microscopic examination. However, since various cellular behaviors have been identified with respect to a specific tumor, we are currently reviewing the most common types of benign tumors.

Benign tumors: Types

We have seen that benign tumors preserve the nature of the tissue since they were developed without affecting other organs. This does not mean that it's a problem to ignore them. In fact: precisely because are often non-specific symptomsit is essential that any clinical form of pathology be immediately diagnosed, consulted, in the form of The need for more than one specialist for ocular causes or genetic mutationsbenign tumors


organs originating from them polyps, nodules and lipam

  Benign tumor neck

Clinical view of cysts as neoformations, are considered as benign tumors; however, limited localization and overall ease of removal It makes it harmful or harmful.

I Polypbenign tumors of inflammatory mucous membranes, instead, have advanced educational facilities. Intestine and respiratory tract: should be kept under close medical supervision to prevent damage to the uterus or digestive tract.

Among the nodules of the tuber is a common tumor of the thyroid that is exposed thyroid. ]: They definitely require careful examination, especially if our physician is convinced that they are directly responsible for hormonal dysfunction.

Also, the adipose tissue can be a site in neoplasms: those of benign type Kelly "lipomas" And if they are small, it may be noticeable, not touching, this is in sight if, however, we have a We notice the local fat mass, we do not need to ignore it: in the case of lipoma, in fact, only a clinical point of view of any risk of compression for nerves or vessels is avoided

Epithelial and fibroid tumors

Tissue Epithelial and muscular disorders, unfortunately, affect the formation of possible neoplasia. If a benign tumor that affects one or more glands is detected with an adrenal it is necessary to carry out a series of investigations to ensure that the production of the hormone is not confidential. fibroidsin lieu of additional muscle tissue that usually grows in the gastrointestinal tract or the uterus: if monitored with a doctor to not remove the tumor, it still needs to be monitored. , Especially when it causes disturbances such as pain or changes in the menstrual cycle

on the patient's side: treatment and prevention

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In this section of our blog, we repeatedly Many occupy both of the specific pathologies of pathology Tumor Prevention. In particular, we often emphasized the importance of Cancer Screeningnot only in order to monitor our health but also to elevate Early diagnosisthanks to the fact that in recent years in Italy reduces cancer-related mortality rates

If benign tumor is detected in histological examination, it is important that the patient carefully scrutinizes the available options, examining the clinical route in a way Conscious and Confident. From this point of view, the relationship with a physician is one of the most importantwhether he should perform an operation or, if possible, choose non-invasive treatment.

Before illness, should be at the center of treatment. For this reason, UniSalute supports its decisions at all times: from a therapist's choice (thanks to a set of customer-based medical practices), CuoreInSalute policies that cover radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

In general, we can declare that before is easier to take care of their health, if it is a routine. Since there is a proper diet to periodic control tests, there are several ways to prevent common harm. And you, did you manage to create a daily health goal?