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Better the sports car of the soccer excite more. The research of Ford shows how in daily use a performance car can be the best for one's satisfaction. Forget even moments of romance, fine cuisine or the match of your favorite team. Driving a nice car every day is one of the best ways to increase the sense of well-being and its own emotional satisfaction .

Ford analysis measured the buzz moments . That is the emotional peaks that play a fundamental role in our general well-being. The volunteers lived different experiences . They applauded their team of football favorite, watched an episode of Game of Thrones enjoyed a kiss fond of his beloved or of an intense lesson of sauce. Only one rollercoaster ride overcame the excitement of driving a performance car daily .

The experiment was carried out with neuroscientists and designers. It gave life to the research and created the exclusive Ford Performance Buzz Car a Ford Focus RS which thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence comes alive, in real time, depending on the rate of adrenaline of the driver and re-proposes it through the exterior of the car, which light up and change color according to the emotions experienced.

The words of Harry Witchel, Discipline Leader in Physiology

The roller coaster can be perfect to give us a quick thrill, but they can not accompany us to work, every day “said Dr. “ This study shows how driving a performance car means much more than moving from one point to another. In fact, it could be a valuable part of the daily routine of well-being . “

Volunteers, who sat behind the wheel of an F ord Focus RS of a Focus ST or one Mustang lived on average 2.1 buzz moment during a home-work shift compared to an average of 3 buzz moment on the roller coaster, 1.7 during a shopping trip, 1.5 watching an episode of Game of Thrones or a football match. Completely absent however, during a salsa dancing session, the tasting of foods delicious or in sharing a kiss passionate. Curious, at least.

To create the Buzz Car, Ford used a Focus RS and collaborated with the team of Designworks . Developing Buzz Car starting from the design, installation and installation, to software development and programming made it necessary to work 1,400 hours. [19659005] Each buzz moment experienced by the driver was analyzed using a system of emotional intelligence, which allows the car to produce an incredible animation consisting of almost 200,000 LED lights built into the car, and which was developed by Sensum a leading company in empathic technology. The Buzz Car also includes:

• Zotac VR GO high-performance gaming PC
• 110 x 500 lumens bright daylight
lights • 82 display panels with 188.416 individually addressable LEDs

drivers' emotions

Researchers at the Ford Research and Innovation Center in Aachen, Germany, are already studying how vehicles can better understand and respond to driver emotions. As part of the EU-funded ADAS & ME project, Ford experts are analyzing how one day the on-board systems may be aware of our emotions. In addition to the levels of stress, distraction and fatigue. And providing suggestions and warnings to the point of taking control of the car, in emergency situations.


Buzz Moments *

Rollercoaster ride


Driving a Performance Car




Watching Game of Thrones


Follow a football match




Dancing the salsa [19659021] 0



* Average buzz moment for each participant

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