Car market 2017, + 7.9%: December decline of 3.2%

Two million touched by a whisker. The car market in Italy closed 2017 at 1,970,497 registrations. The increase on annual basis was 7.9%. A December instead there was one stop in sales: -3.2%.


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Is the first group. He closed December with 32,082 registrations (26.49% share). In 2017, 560,770 cars were sold, with an increase of 5.65% (less than the market) and a 28.46% share. Extraordinary, continues the race of Jeep (+ 36.92%). Rounding instead for Alfa Romeo (-4%), which still has an excellent + 24% overall in 2017. Behind the blackboard in December Fiat (-18.3%), Lancia (-27.5%) and Maserati (- 35.9%). The French Citro├źn went well with a + 28.51%, Dacia with + 33.62%. Nissan also excellent, + 25.34%, and BMW + 15.2%

According to Gian Primo Quaglianopresident of the Centro Studi Promotor, with a number of cars sold very close to 2,000,000, Italy recovers the rank of large world market of the car that had lost during the severe crisis that began in 2008 in conjunction with the beginning of an economic crisis that 'Italy was more serious and longer than that of 1929.


In this crisis the registrations in our country they went down from 2.493.106 of 2007 up to a minimum of 1,304,648 in 2013. The fall stopped between 2013 and 2014. To give space, then, to a strong recovery with growth rates of 16% both in 2015 and in 2016. And now with an increase of 8% in 2017, which brings recovery to the 2013 low at 51%.


Among other things, the level of two million it would certainly have been exceeded in 2017 if there had not been a change in trade policy by some brands in the last quarter of the year. Having already reached the sales targets of the year, they have greatly slowed the pressure on the market exercised with zero km, discounts and promotions. The consequences were not significant in October, which nevertheless recorded an increase of 7.1%, and in November (+ 6.9%). But they were more pronounced in December, which closed with a modest contraction (-3.2%).

2018 will go even better

The outlook for 2018 is positive. The survey conducted at the end of December by the Centro Studi Promotor shows that 29% of dealers expect sales to grow, 58% assume instead stability on good levels in 2017 and only 13% show pessimism.

Among other things positive signs also come from the investigations conducted in December by Istat on consumer and business confidence. Which are confirmed on the rise. While Istat itself, in its last cyclical note, informs that “the leading indicator” of the economic cycle “continues to increase”. The car market will obviously benefit from the strengthening of the economic recovery. Strengthening to which it has moreover given and is making a more than appreciable contribution


According to the CSP, registrations in 2018 will exceed two million to reach 2,050,000. And then have a further leap in 2019 to get to 2,200,000 units.