Diet for the elderly: what nutrients can not be lost

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According to the estimates of major international organizations such as the United Nations and the OECD, in 2050, the elderly around the world (due to the age group 65 and above) increases Up to 22% of the total . In Italy, which now stands at 22.3% according to ISTAT, two phenomena overlap: life expectancy among the highest in the world (now the second highest in the United Nations data) and the decline in demographic balance Between birth and death. In this framework, it is not difficult to know how over 65 years of age will help determine the population of the country and, therefore, the central role in elderly medicine is to treat the most common diseases in this group. Age and High Attention to Lifestyle and The Elderly Elderly Diet .

Aging is actually associated with a decrease in cardiovascular diseases cancer and diabetes but also disorders related to the reduction of physiological functions and metabolism . Nutrition in this area can be an important preventive measure that allows older people to experience health through the consequences of this stage of life, maintaining their independence, adhering to the good quality of life.

Food-Related Diets in the Elderly

  Vitamin D

with Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition Key Role In the health of the elderly to this day, according to Data from ADI (Italian Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition Association), held October 19-21 in the United States, is part of the 1.8 million-year-old National Nutrition and Nutrition Period Chubby in Italy, 1.9 Million-six years old at risk of malnutrition 1.8 million affected by sarcopenia 19.5 million, 19,500,000, artificial reflexology, and 9.4 million people With vitamin D deficiency [19659009] Sarcopenia: Muscle and bone to age testing

The term sarcopenia indicates syndrome, especially in the age group of 80 and older, leading to a progressive loss of crime And weakening muscle strength . The disease is often associated with weakness, physical inability, hospitalization and serious disorders such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis and in some cases it may lead to death.

Obesity: Risk Factor Weight

Obesity records the following alarming data: ISTAT Announces I am 19459002 15.8% Disruptions in the population between 65 and 74 years. In general, obesity is a common disease in advanced countries, where food is readily available and at a low cost, consumes a large proportion of people to eat too much and in some way false. This lifestyle, with the advent of age, leads to reduced energy consumption, which leads to accumulation of adipose tissue, which can be cardiovascular diseases tumors and hypertension on the other hand, a problem that Correctly consuming calories or nutrients. Causes may be due to lack of them, the inability to eat or change the digestive processes and absorb them. According to ADI, this clinical picture occurs in about 30% of the elderly at the time of admission. This condition of deficiency, especially in relation to vitamin D can lead to diseases like osteomalacia, osteoporosis, hypertension, and osteomalacia autoimmune diseases .

Elderly Diet: Essential Nutrition

To prevent malnutrition or inadequate nutritional abnormalities in more than 65 years already mentioned, it is necessary to identify nutrients . Principles Know that they are the most consumed doses and which foods should be part of the elderly diet. To do this, we are once again pointing out the recommendations published by ADI.


 Healthy Proteins

In particular, in the elderly with sarcopenia, the use of sufficient protein is essentially for muscle mass retrieval with the adoption of less lifestyle Sitting. In order to maintain and improve muscle, older people should consume more protein than 19459003 compared to younger people. According to the data presented at the recent ADI conference, the average daily intake should be in the range of 1.0-1.2 g / kg body weight

These values ​​are different in the elderly with other disorders: for example, for those suffering from obesity, the ideal value is estimated to be about 1g / kg, while healthy elderly people may also It will reach 1.5 grams per kilogram. However, it is imperative that proteins high biological value of eggs, fish or milk


 senior orange juice

they are of any important age But in older people's diet, they play an important role in reducing degenerative processes and the destruction of the usual age. In particular, it can not be lost:

  • Vitamins E Vitamins C and Carotenoids which maintain antioxidant activity and cause the formation of free radicals. ; 19659022] Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the cartilage and in the digestive system to mobilize calcium from the bone;
  • vitamin B in particular vitamin B6 involved in The proper function of metabolism and presence in meat, fish, cereals, and non-welfare grains, and vitamins B12 are the basis for the synthesis of red blood cells and bone marrow in foods, including eggs, milk and derivatives. And beef.


Essential fatty acid known as Omega-3 function, is known as "good function" anti-inflammatory and hypotensive with the onset of heart disease And the vessels are compared. Adequate consumption of the diet of the elderly Omega-3s can be very valuable, as well as counteracting the forms Dementia : For this reason, it is recommended that you take more than 65 years to eat foods rich in this material. Including fish and dried fruits

 Omega 3 sources

Mineral salts

It is necessary to use regular mineral salts to strengthen muscles and bone structure in order to cope with serocopenia. . Magnesium In vegetables, legumes and dried fruits, it is important for muscle building to precisely determine the structure of the bone and to guide the nerve while on on ] Existing meat, fish, eggs, milk and its derivatives, in wheat bran, legumes and dried fruits, have a fundamental role in metabolism, in the immune response and in the function of neurology, especially for to improve Memory .

In addition to the addition of the foods shown in the diet, one should not forget that one of the main contributors is mineral water Water of which it is always advisable to consume at least 2 liters per day for men for Women are 2.5 times

Advantages of proper nutrition prevention

 The health of the elderly diet

As well as a well-defined diet and active and healthy lifestyles It should be discarded by preventing especially for elderly people who need even more frequent checks to deal with the onset of illness and disease Predictable and repeated after 65 years.

To accompany us on this path, a particular policy Health can be a worthwhile ally. UniSalute Assistenza Domiciliare Over 65 A policy designed to care for loved ones when they are age-related diseases. In particular, politics offers

  • medical aids, rehabilitation Nursing and Pharmacology, after admission or major intervention, directly at home and Up to € 2500;
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Do you have enough attention to the diet of the elderly in your family?