Dog vaccine: which one is recommended?

Protecting and protecting the health of your four-legged puppy is a priority for any family that has decided to accept a dog, and many believe that this is done through vaccination, and this is a commitment to law

But this is a very large but false information. In fact, there is no compulsory vaccine according to the law in Italy, in the sense that if it does not run, there is no administrative or other punishment. Unlike some compulsory prevention, there is a decision to travel to a neighboring quadrant.

However, according to the order: we see that some vaccines are forcibly forged to dogs if they travel abroad, and these restrictions impose Italian law on the owners Gives. [1965،9004] There are no compulsory vaccines, but it is recommended

  Dog vaccines

As expected, the Italian law does not impose mandatory vaccines for dogs on their borders. However, in accordance with international guidelines promoted by the Small Animal Veterinary Association's VGG Guidance Group, there is a group of "core" vaccine group that all dogs and all In cats, no matter where they live in the world, they have to do.

is a dual goal: on the one hand, in fact, it is known that, especially in the mass population of canine, and in women, pockets of infection remain. While there has been a decline in the vaccine in recent years, it is probably related to economic reasons; on the other hand, it is believed that a winning strategy to protect the largest number of dogs and cats is on "Population Safety"ie increasing the percentage of animals vaccinated in a specified area to reduce the incidence of an illness

But what is the "core" vaccine and is therefore recommended by veterinarians in Italy?

Vaccine dogs: what is recommended in Italy?

Association of Veterinarians Identified Three diseases are considered by gravity and dangerous effects to the point where to prevent them, the optimal solution is vaccination.

It is:

  • Cimurro
  • Adenovirosis
  • Parvovirus

More precisely what kinds of diseases, why it is important to protect our animal friends and how to do it

Parvovirus, dangerous hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

or parvovirus To prevent the spread of a relatively serious pathology, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis is beneficial. It is usually suggested when puppies are about 8 weeks in rare cases and always suggesting a vet even in adult dogs. In general, some reminders are needed in a variable time interval.

Vaccine against loose, measles dog

The second vaccine is usually recommended by veterinarians to protect the health of dogs, which is a disease that affects the respiratory, nervous and digestive system Caries puts. In more serious cases, it can lead to animal deaths.

is usually given to puppys which have been previously destroyedor potentially being contacted in adults who have been used for a long time in other animals. To ensure that the coating is effective.

Infectious hepatitis antidote

Type 1 adenovirus causes a disease that is very dangerous to dogs: if it is too late, it can lead to the death of our pet, and only the possible form of prevention Expressed by the vaccine. From the beginning [3] [19459003) the puppy begins, in fact, the first year of life is that dogs are at increased risk.  <img class=

Calendar of vaccination of dogs

So we have seen that although there is no mandatory vaccination according to the law, Very serious This is the only strategy to protect the health of four-legged friends. It is therefore very important to plan the vaccination protocol of the vaccination protocol for dogs with your veterinarian, from the age of 6 to 8 to the age of 16, and refer to about 12 months later: in this way we are in fact Our puppy for a protected period (DOI) (immunity period) is at least three years old

 Animal vaccine In fact, we insist on VGG guidelines Safety time has been for many years. The vet can control it by performing an antibody test during a regular annual visit. From this perspective, it's important that you do not miss this kind of appointment, because you can be sure that your dog's health is not at stake.

After a protocol, the vet will determine the specific case of our dog and a real vaccine calendar. In general, there is a general indication of the time taken in normal cases:

  • 8.6 weeks: At this stage, the vaccine is injected against parvovirus, decay and, if necessary, parafenosis.
  • After the first 21 daysthe first vaccine should be performed, including infectious hepatitis, parvovirus, shell, leptospirosis and parafovirus, after another three weeks
  • when the first 4 months old puppy
  • Every year, then, we should not miss the appointment call if necessary, as described in the following paragraph, antibacterial vaccine from the fifth or valid for five valid pathologies and every 3 years valid for parotid virus, loose, parafovial, and hepatitis

Travel dog: rabies vaccine

 vaccine for dogs ]

However, as we have seen, compulsory vaccines for dogs that permanently stay in Italy with their families, for people who want with their pet want to be different from one another

One of the goals of is the Health Committee WSAVA and the World Health Organization to eliminate dog wrath until 2030. In view of this, vaccination has been introduced against this pathology: Reference is in Annex III of the EU Regulation 576 2013.

There are some exceptions: As stated in

the Ministry of Health's websiteany EU member state can introduce into its territory puppies from other countries under the age of 12 weeks do not allow vaccination against rabies. To understand this, it is necessary to consult the European Commission's Youth Animals Commission which in brief is a permanent update of the status of all EU Member States.

In addition to vaccination-angry, the owner who is preparing to go with his dog should consider how to carry the animal and to meet all the health standards required in the destination country and in each Stop Also, at European level, Penalties (EU) 1152/2011 is also a regulation Treatment Against Echinococcus multilocularisa parasite that can be transmitted by humans to humans for a dangerous reason

As we should not forget that dog travel should be provided with the passport which is held by the local health department at the request of the owner, only if the pet is registered, the dog's math office must include the following :

  • Personal Information
  • List of All Vaccinations Performed by Animal Medicine Tests
  • Possible Therapies Against Echinococcus Multilaccharides (Currently required Finland, UK, Ireland, Malta, and Norway)

Identification Animals can also be made in the European Union through tattoos if before July 3, 2011 or Through Micro throughout Italy, in accordance with the Regional Agreement on January 24, 2013.

Vaccination costs

The common concern of many dog ​​owners when they come to the vaccine is that they are shown by costs. They vary from area to region and vet to vet, however, on average they can start from 20 euros to about 50. An economic victim who is naturally protected with the safety of our pet's health.

As a result, it is good to assert that in Italy there is no vaccine for dogs required by law. On the contrary, there are restrictions such as a rabies vaccine for those who wish to travel to their pet company, as well as the task of registering and identifying an animal through a microprocessor. Some vaccines are sometimes medically defined as "obligatory" for medical purposesbecause scientific evidence confirms that this is the most effective remedy for protecting your dog's health

For this reason, it Can be isolated from a visit and a constant comparison with your vet that will be advised and followed up during all the steps necessary to ensure the proper health of the dog. In this regard, the cost of the visitor or the vaccine is to be borne by us: one solution is offered by UniSalute, which offers a specific insurance for pets, Doc Pet Provides for a free annual visit about an accident or illness, discount services at partner centers that guarantee a savings up to 30% compared to the natural rate and a specific consulting service that allows the owner to query himself directly Specialist Vet. This way you turn on the opportunity to enjoy your dog in health, in Italy and abroad, even more so after clarifying what we mean a "compulsory" vaccine for the dog. Do you know all the rules related to this topic?