Eelo will be clean and safe Android without Google. A well-known creator is behind him

 This might be a smartphone from Eelo
This might look like a smartphone from Eelo

You can hear the name of Gaà «la Duvala, this is a French developer who in the year 1998 created its own Linux distribution of Mandrake (later became Mandriva). With it nowadays has nothing to do with it, over the past ten years, Ulteo is known to develop virtualized desktops that can run programs from other operating systems (open source alternative for Citrix). Duval, however, again calls the “dead mortals”

Through Kickstarter he wants to launch a new Eelo project. He founded a nonprofit with the same name, who wants to open an open and secure mobile operating system. Continue where the Firefox OS has ended. Duval builds systems on Android, specifically LineageOS (formerly CyanogenMod)

Why does not it just connect with the community around Lineage? It claims that in order to maintain safety, there is a need for extensive deogolization. LineageOS is directly in touch with the Play Store and Play Services, which are Google's proprietary services. And Google is, according to Duval, a dangerous company following all our steps

Eelo will be open source and without ambition to monitor everything the user is doing. Duval promises its own user-friendly environment, the integration of a secure search engine (eg DuckDuckGo) and a minimally warranted warranty update. Third-party software can be downloaded using the F-Droid or APKPure

But in the future, it would have created a custom store in order to develop commercial applications. Those without ecosystems will not go to Google. Duval also wants to make / replace all other links to advertising, analytics, location services, cloud notifications, or DNS choices that Google has usurped

The ongoing plan is create only operating systems with broad compatibility (same as LineageOS). But in the future, Duval would like to work directly with producers (eg FairPhonem) and create their own smartphones. All will kick off from the kickstart campaign's success.

For a full target, he requested 25,000 euros. Now more than doubled. If he chooses 100,000 euros, he will expand his tribal team to work faster. After transferring 500,000 euros, the team will grow even more and create Eelo for PC. Custom smartphone would be real after selecting at least two million.