Ferrari 488 GTO, new details on the 700 horsepower supercar

Highly anticipated next Geneva Motor Show the Ferrari 488 GTO continues to be talked about. On Ferrari Photo Page there are some slides that reveal new details on the Maranello supercar. The first confirmation is on the engine, which will be the V8 most powerful never used in Ferrari. Although without official numbers, it is clear that we will be around 700 horses .

The engine will be 10% lighter than that of 488 GTB and an evolution of that used on the track by 488 Challenge . On the GTO denomination there are not certainties yet, but it seems natural to go in that direction. So far, only three other Ferraris have had the honor of the legendary initials Gran Turismo Homologated . The 250 GTO the 288 GTO and finally the 599 GTO . This title never appears on the slides, but “ Sport Special Series “.

One of the slides published by Ferrari Photo Page

It aims at maximum performance, to challenge the Porsche 911 GT2 RS . For example, the 488 GTB produces a 325 kg downforce the 911 GT2 RS of 340 kg. Using the Ferrari wind tunnel of the F1, it aims to reach the numbers of the German. The slide states that the aerodynamic efficiency will be 20% higher than the 488 GTB

Among other details, the 20 “carbon fiber rims that allow a saving of weight of 40% compared to the GTB on Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires. The carbon fiber will be used for many parts of the car: bonnet, front and rear bumpers, rear spoiler. The 488 GTO will be the Ferrari road that will use the most technology derived from racing.

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