Ferrari and Intel for artificial intelligence, performance hunt

Ferrari and Intel together to improve the performance of the pilots and of the cars . Thanks to the artificial intelligence (I.A.). It is not science fiction, but it is research. The partnership was announced at CES of Las Vegas between Ferrari North America and the world leader of the microprocessors .

IA to improve performance

Intel will assist the cars of Maranello in Ferrari Challenge USA the ever-very competitive customer league. Where young talents are forged. The point is that Intel will provide a system of artificial intelligence . That will examine the performance of the pilots and will send to the engineers important references which will allow to provide input on how improve the times on the track.

Not just racing. Intel also aims to put at ease the public . With drones that will provide viewers with all information on cars and pilots. Keeping them constantly updated. They will be able, thanks to comparative algorithms, to create videos by comparing the performance of the drives at the key points of the relevant circuits.

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