Fisker EMotion, an electric supercar with more than 600 km of autonomy

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Fisker EMotion here is the electric supercar : one of the great protagonists at Ces of Las Vegas . And a rival of Tesla : the mark after bankruptcy, resumed life in 2016 again on the initiative of the founder Henrik Fisker . De always specialized in battery-powered cars, in 2012 entered into company also Leonardo DiCaprio has ready its new car.

 Fisker EMotion, electric supercar for more than 600 km of autonomy

Fisker EMotion and solid-state batteries

The model will be unveiled next Tuesday. This is a four-door sports sedan . The opening of the doors, front and back, as you can see from the picture above, is decidedly scenographic. With the car will also arrive the new solid state batteries which guarantee a greater autonomy (we speak of 800 km ) and times more speed of reload . The solid state batteries however, will not be available immediately, but their technology will be shown. They should arrive by on 2023 . The key to these accumulators lies in graphene . They will be lighter, they will heat up much less and you can reload 200 km of autonomy in ten minutes

The EMotion initially will then adopt the lithium ion batteries . The autonomy announced is 400 miles, so 640 kilometers . The top speed of 260 km / h and there will be numerous driver assistance systems . Important the presence of sensor Lidar ready then for a (theoretical) autonomous guide of level 5 .

The price announced is equivalent to approximately 100,000 euros with deliveries from 2019 . This is a great challenge, in a niche that will become increasingly important and prestigious.