Fisker EMotion Hybrid Car is Tesla Competitor will Debut on CES 2018

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The more we see by Fisker EMotion, the more we hope it is being produced, the famous electric car journalist Fred Lambert writes about Henrik Fisker’s new electric car. The game comes after the producer has published a bunch of new pictures of Fisker EMotion on Twitter ahead of the official launch of the technology event CES on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.

fisker emotion side view wallpaper HD

Until now, we have seen one prototype of the electric car, but this new edition has tightened up the already gorgeous design.

That the Danish car contractor Henrik Fisker makes aesthetically beautiful cars is no surprise. The question is whether it ever comes in mass production.

2018 fisker emotion release date and price

Fisker EMotion is behind some really nice car design, but he is also the man behind one of the most famous cars in recent history: Fiskerman Karma.

The first models of Karma rolled out from the factory in 2011. They rolled back soon. The cars were full of serious mistakes and missing, and after 16 cars had caught fire it was over and over.

2018 fisker emotion interior design

In November 2016, Fisker announced that the company was back, this time with the electric car EMotion. A nice rat that is said to be aimed at Teslas Model S. The new pictures indicate that Fisker EMotion will appeal to a price market a little over Tesla’s existing model range.

The details around the car have not been confirmed, but the target is a range of 650 kilometers, charging time of nine minutes (!) And Fisker EMotion price tag of $ 130,000.

2018 fisker emotion interior inside panel

Claims to have cracked the code for solid-state batteries
Fisker EMotion will be an exciting company to follow, not only because of the electric car EMotion, but also what can hide during the bodywork in the future. The company claims they have made a breakthrough when it comes to solid state batteries.

Solid state batteries are almost a sacred grid in the battery industry. The development of lithium-ion batteries is almost silent, while the new battery type can be a trickle forward with many times the energy density, charging in minutes and virtually no fire hazard.

2018 fisker emotion rear view

The problem is that no one has yet to create a method for cheap mass production of solid-state batteries so that they can compete with lithium-ion batteries.

Fiskermen say they have developed a new type of electrode structure in solids that will provide batteries with incredible properties. Green Car Congress writes that the batteries should have 2.5 times the energy density of lithium-ion batteries and that Fisker says it will provide electric cars with a range of over 800 km and charging time in one minute.

2018 fisker emotion butterfly doors

There is every reason to meet such claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. What makes Fisker’s claim interesting is the man behind the technology, Fabio Albano. He currently conducts battery development for Fisker emotion battery, but is also one of the people behind the acclaimed battery innovator Sakti3.