Ford Announces Some Stroller Owners To Stop Driving Truck After New Deaths by Takata

Ford advises the owners of certain Rangers not to drive any more and contact an authorized dealer to change Takata defective airbags as soon as possible.

The action is part of a recall of Takata's bigger airbags, which includes several car factories around the globe and involves around 3,000 units of the 2006MY pick-ups.

According to the automobile manufacturer, the vehicles were put together at the Twin Cities Assembly Plant from August 10 to December 15, 2005 and include 2712 examples in the United States and federal territories and 190 in Canada.

Recall is Ford's response to two accidents caused by Takata's airbag airbags. The first one was reported in January 2016, and the second was in July last year. The carmaker inspected the last Ranger on December 27, confirming that "the swinging device was broken, which led to a driver fatality," NHTSA announced shortly.

Ford now says that parts are available to fix specific vehicles, and dealers are ready to take them on their own, free of charge, by offering owners a borrowed car if needed.