Format wars could end up. Apple, Google, Microsoft and others are on one ship

Illustration (source: raphaelsilva / Pixabay)

I just wanted to say in the title that “frost was frozen”, but you still would from bullying. This is really a great thing. Apple became the next member Alliance for Open Media . This group originated in 2015 to create a video compression format of the future (and under IETF guides to standardize it), which will be free, free of license fees and, of course, as effective. This format is called AV1 and once it could replace HEVC / H.265.

HEVC is very complex and expensive

This trick of two more mentions the problem © my. It is not open and must be paid for. It strengthens the rest of the video stream and complicates software development. In order to be happy, HEVC-related patents have already overlooked three licensing groups (so-called pools) where every money would be wanted for people HEVC to use . These groups are MPEG LA, HEVC Advance and Velos Media. Companies are different and some are members of the Alliance for Open Media

Apple has also joined the AV1 support and development group, which is an important part of the game (ITunes, Mac), software (QuickTime, iMovie, Final Cut) and services (iTunes, Facetime). AV1 wants to talk in front of the online video, that is, streaming or telephony.

AV1 soon

The format still does not have the final specification (waiting each time). AV1 does not start with green meadows, but it bases on the techniques of projects of other parent members of an association. Cisco Thorem and Google VP9 ( VP10 ] in the experimental version of AV1 supports and Mozilla says it has a higher efficiency than VP9 or HEVC. This is a pretty good argument, because HEVC is doing it a lot less than VP9. I'm running tests but I'm sorry. No codecs will work without the final specifications. And we can expect to see the encoders in the first versions qualitatively comparable to those for HEVC, but they will be significantly slower

With the future of AV1, every day, looks positively. Among the tribal associations of the Association are all the foremost technology companies: Amazon, Apple, ARM, Cisco, Facebook, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix and Nvidia. Such a consensus on the free format was not here. Supporting companies are, by the way, Adobe, AMD, AMLogic, ARM, Broadcom, Hulu, Realtek or Videolan (VLC). Yes, all manufacturers of TVs and cameras are missing, but AV1 can be used mainly on the Internet