German car companies accused of using human guinea pigs for exhaust gas tests

The German car giants are in the storm. Once again. The exhaust gases of the diesel cars of the groups BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen would be tested not only on monkeys, but also on human guinea pigs. They wrote it Sueddeutsche Zeitung and Stuttgarter Zeitungrevealing new details on the tests involving the three Marks. Daimler, however, distances himself from this new case. The government condemns the experiments as “unjustifiable”. These revelations came after a preview of the New York Times by Jack Ewing.


According to media , the European Research Society for the Environment and Health in Transportation, founded by the three car giants, has promoted “a brief inhalation study with nitric oxide on healthy people”. Sueddeutsche Zeitung today revealed that tests were carried out on approximately 25 people in good health

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The three giants of the German car yesterday had come under accusation for having done test on monkeys to check if the exhaust fumes of diesel vehicles were harmful, carrying out experiments on animals in the USA. In May 2015, ten specimens of Javanese monkeys were conducted in a laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, locked up in a shop window and kept quiet in front of a screen with a cartoon projection, while they were subjected to the emission of exhaust gas (air-conditioned) for 4 hours. The monkeys have survived the test, but it is not known what the current health conditions are, explained the tabloid, which adds information to a dossier taken out of the New York Times, and intended to further trouble the German car industry , already overwhelmed by the dieselgate.

Bmw and Daimler (Mercedes) have distanced themselves from the method “utterly senseless” . Ensuring that their cars were not involved in the trials. Vw has apologized: those tests were “a mistake”. The gas tests on monkeys “are in no way acceptable” and who made a mistake will pay. These were the words of the president of the Council of surveillance of VolkswagenHans Dieter Poetsch.In the name of the entire supervisory board, I distance myself with all my strength from such practices. I will do all I can to ensure that there is a complete investigation of the procedures. And who has the responsibility will answer “..

While for the President of Lower Saxony (Northern Germany), Stephan Weil, who is the largest shareholder of the Wolfsburg group, it is about “absurd and repulsive” practices. “Monkeys are animals that need to move a lot, already keeping them still for 4 hours corresponds to torture. The exhaust gas then put their health at risk “. The German association's number one words, Klaus Kronaus

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These tests on animals and even on people do not find any justification on the ethical level. The indignation of so many people is absolutely understandable “. Spokesman Steffen Seibert said

The Chancellor urges the German car groups involved in the scandal to clarify. The boards of directors and those who commissioned the tests will now have to answer the difficult questions about the purpose of the tests, added spokesman Steffen Seibert today at a press conference. The car industry should have limit emissions and not prove its alleged innocuousness, he added

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 German car companies accused of using human guinea pigs for exhaust gas testing