Golf and BMW cars and used brands most searched on the web in 2017

Golf and BMW cars and used Brand most searched on the web in 2017. This emerges from the analysis of . Performed on an important basin. In fact, in 2017 the Motors channel of the portal was the first platform for the purchase and sale of cars, with over 2.5 million unique users per month. Research based on approximately 50 million searches made by users in 2017 .

Various factors emerge. a passion for classic but always up-to-date cars like Golf, Punto and Panda ; a love for the top German brands where the used is the entry level that allows to realize the dream. But above all, it emerges that Italians, when they freely search for a car – not starting from a make and model, but from specific characteristics – use the words of the common language simple and functional terms to indicate a specific need.

Cars of the year 2017: Golf

The timeless Golf is confirmed as the most sought-after car in 2017 and has been stable since last year the first position, showing a passion for German cars that will be confirmed by the favorite brands: classic car, reliable and at the same time always trendy. Following are two “Italian” Fiat home: the Punto (2nd), which gains a position compared to 2016, and the Panda (3rd), which goes up to two positions gaining the last step of the podium. Following the Smart (4th), iconic car that has reinvented the concept of city car and that is sought above all in the big cities, Rome in the lead. In fifth place the Fiat 500 an icon of style and Italianness, loved for its unmistakable line and compact size

Out of the top five, the models that record the best performance in terms of growth compared to 2016 are the SUVs such as the Volkswagen Tiguan (27th) which rises to 18 positions or the Range Rover Evoque (47th) which rises 12 positions


  1. Golf
  2. Point
  3. Panda
  4. Smart
  5. 500
  6. A3
  7. A4
  8. Ypsilon
  9. Panda 4 × 4 [19659014] Fiesta

Brand of the year 2017: BMW

Podium all German (and stable since 2016) for the most sought-after brands on Subito Motori: BMW in first place followed by Mercedes and Audi . A sign that Italians love cars that are solid, reliable and with a timeless charm, but also that Immediately MOTORI probably want to realize their dream, winning a top-of-the-range car, which becomes accessible thanks to the wide availability of used models and zero km , which probably represent the first level of purchase for lovers of the brand. They follow in the top five of brand Mini (4th) and Fiat (5th).


  1. Bmw
  2. Mercedes
  3. Audi
  4. Mini
  5. Fiat
  6. Jeep
  7. Porsche
  8. Ford
  9. Alfa Romeo
  10. Toyota

What do Italians look for when they look for a car?

Analyzing instead the key words the more you look for Immediately, net of the brand and model seen previously, what emerges is first of all the use of simple search words: no technical terms or specific options Italians go straight to the point and look for what they need using the words of common language.

At the top of the research rankings 4 × 4 (1 °), a sign that the four-wheel drive is sought as an important feature of the car because it indicates a greater driving safety. Follow similar words but probably indicate different propensities: off-road (2nd) suggests a car suitable for winding roads and adventures in nature, while SUV (7th), in growth of 5 positions compared to 2016, probably indicates the desire for a spacious car, important, which gives a certain status but is safe to drive.

At the 5th place cabrio for those who want to feel the wind in the hair, followed a short distance from pick-up (6 °) and lorry (9 °) instead sought by those with the car working there and in need of a reliable vehicle, spacious enough to load equipment and materials.

Also interesting is the attention given to alternative fuels, such as GPL (3rd) and methane (15th) , to have less impact on the environment, or on the wallet

Passione auto

The car, however, not we are only looking to cope with everyday transport needs but also to take off a whim and give ourselves a dream of the time that was or to satisfy the passion for collecting: the classic cars are in fact considered a true and its status symbol and Immediately MOTORI you can find very special models, in excellent condition or to be restored, for those who prefer to customize them and bring them back with their own hands to the old splendor. Among the twenty most searched words, three indicate this trend: Epoca (11 °), ASI (Italian Historical Cars, 13 °) and vintage cars ( 14 °).

Looking at 2016, the words that grow the most in research are microcar (12th, up 9 positions) and neopatentati (18th, up 5 positions). In the first case, look for someone who does not have a driving license. In the second one instead from those looking for the first car and needs to understand which is the most suitable among those that comply with the law.

Last curiosity: the first “optional” sought are very functional : 7 seats (17th) and an amazing tow hook (21st). To further confirm that Italians have tried using non-specialized language.

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