Google again did not pay taxes. Thanks to the tax haven, he saved 3 billion euros in 2016

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The concept of paying for taxes is very old, despite the fact that these activities are still happening. Creative in this respect by large technology companies as found by Bloomberg, a large sum of it has proved to be Google's in the year 2016.

MateÅ ™ s firm Alphabet in calendars In 2016, it recorded earnings in the year90 billion dollars and net profit of 19.5 billion. The bigger income was the guarantee for Google, which sells advertising. In 2016 Alphabet Consolidated Income grew by 20% . He can not say that he would have done that badly on this subject.

Google on the screenshots last year

According to Bloomberg, the daffoday sent to the Netherlands shows that Google in 2016 transferred a total of 16 billion euros (19.2 billion dollars) to a fictitious company in Bermuda, which is really unimaginable , the Deputy Emperor saved at a minimum of three billion billions of euros ($ 3.7 billion).

Not technically considered to be acting illegitimate Inu, but it is definitely grayed out. The company as well as a number of other useful gaps in the legislation. You may remember this connection with Ireland, which was also considered a dawn race. It already has the possibility of a similar way of charging, but the remaining entities can go according to the old system until 2020.


Zero © dancing in Bermuda with Google lÃbÃ. Last year, he also transferred 14.9 billion euros to $ 3.6 billion as Bloomberg said. Against a distress in the form of a crackdown on taxes, they are also struggling to fight in the US, where this year changes the law. Ireland legislated which seeks further travelhow to increase the capital for the purpose to avoid paying taxes thread is talking about options to tax not earnings, but revenues . Apple nap. by early December, agreed that the EU would pay 13 billion euros ($ 14.5 billion) for given which did not pay the next time to take advantage of the dawn ” “Ireland. Your experience with this country is like that too. Microsoft .

This is an extended and demanding quest.