Google Pay comes. Replaces Google Wallet and Android Pay

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 Google Pay
Google Pay

In Google, such a confusion as in payment services. a payphone called Google Pay, as well as Apple Pay or Samsung Pay will serve as a mobile payment at stores, provide online payments on the web, in applications, and will also serve to send money to the payee.

No, it's obviously a breeze but it was a lot.

  • Google Checkout is being created in 2006, paying
  • In July 2011, Google Wallet was added to the PayPal compilation as a credit card with a credit card and an envelope between the card and the e-shop. NFC payments by mobile on non-contact terminals
  • In listo pada 2011 has unified Checkout and Wallet One service was designed to pay for mobile at stores, e-shops and mobile applications.
  • In 2013 Checkout definitely ended and Wallet has learned to send money to Gmail users
  • In the spring of 2015 Android Pay . Wallet wanted to keep both NFC cards and NFC cards. It was home to a new application
  • In 2017, Pay with Google was launched, another competing PayPal button to speed up payments on the web and mobile applications
  • At the end of 2018, Android Pay for NFC was paid ( operating in the ERR ), an inaccessible Wallet for payment among users, with us not using Pay with Google and still Google Play Playback System

In 2018, Google Pay would all have to be. (Just like seven years ago, it was all Google Wallet.) It makes sense. Android in the call would be confusing when one service will work across devices / platforms. Acquired payment on iOS and desktop browsers. However, I'm not sure that all Google Pay features will be available to us. Sending money among users is only working in the US and Britain