GoPro stops producing drones, fears the planned regulation

Although the production of the GoPro cameras produced a clear expansion, now the fight is resuming. According to the press release, the financial results for the past quarter are worth. The expectant profit of $ 340 million was, in the end, nearly one hundred million dollars. The fall but includes the loss of the Hero cameras

GoPro also intends to release some of the current 1254 employees under the prince of the people and the CEO of the company will pay only one dollar this year . The company expects a worsening situation in the drones market and bigger problems and regulation from the parties in Europe in the States

According to the report was the dron Karma the second most popular quadruple right behind DJI, GoPro no longer sees a future in the drones, at least as far as their profitable production. Problems for the company may be that other big drones do not use the GoPro but their own

All the drones on sale are now coming soon and will continue to provide support . We may also get some good selling