grows well is a game: Disney and UniSalute launch a program for little ones.

Health is the most important asset for the whole family. As parents, we are aware of the concerns and responsibilities associated with the development and development of children. In fact, there are a lot of dangers that are related to the wrong way and is balanced. Precisely for this reason, the promotion of healthy habits, diverse diet and the importance of the movement must be a priority.

Fortunately, we are not just for this mission: on the contrary, UniSalute, a company from the Unipol group specializing in health insurance, with Topolino Donald Duck, Pippo, Pluto and other Disney characters help us. So that children between the ages of 4 and 17 will play some good routine. How? With the new application UniSalute Juniorit is available free of charge on the App Store from iOS and Android.

Let's see how this program works, what services it offers and why it does not matter how important healthy lifestyles for the whole family.

Why UniSalute and Disney together? Prevention of minor accidents

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In fact, according to what was published by the Italian Association of Children's Society (SIP) and the International Society for Endocrine and Pediatric Diabetes (SIEDP), A child is 9 years of age from 10 obese2 out of 10 overweight, one in 20 people with high blood sugar.

This figure is especially alarming if we consider Cardiovascular disease, tumors and chronic diseases They also appear during adolescence, if during childhood and adolescence the child develops habits Attract healthy food and transfer physical activity to its endpoint.

As is right, very often, convincing children to eat fruits and vegetables, or doing sports is not easy. That's why it's important to find a language and a strategy that can engage them, letting them know that these activities can also be funny . One goal, which can be achieved thanks to the "co-operation" of Disney's cartoon characters, which is of interest to children of different ages. Health and hobby can be obtained through the UniSalute Junior program. Let's See How.

UniSalute Junior: Play and Learn with Mickey Mouse

Quiz Excitement Questions, Unexpectedly, Amazing Answers: These are just some of the activities children can play with the UniSalute Junior program. In fact, the track of the game enables you to move between the curiosity about food and movement and once ended, it's possible to find the Disney character of your profile. In addition, using this app, there is an opportunity to win some of Mickey and Mickey's pages with a wealth of unique content designed to grow well while enjoying the existence of has it.

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This app has three sections:

  • Disney Racing
  • Disney Vibration
  • UniSalutewhere parents By inspecting the InSalute newsletter, they can check out the correct stylesheets about life like nutrition and physical activity for the whole family. Distillation Contest

      Topolino Games

    This first part is that permission Gives children fun with pleasure: ask them questions about healthy eating, the right daily habits, the best way to move

    When all the questions are completed, you can Take the step-by-step brochure pages of Divertiamoci a Stare Bene and, surprisingly, to discover that is a Disney character child and why.

    Disney Shake

      Young Unisalute Mini Tennis

    If we have access to the Disney Shuffle section, we will have the opportunity to shake the phone that downloaded the app: every "shake" one Disney characters that appear to be displayed on the screen to give us [19459002 about the right lifestyle

    every four sparks, and as a result of all four health proposals, the Disney Design Award By color

     Unipacking program unisalute

    UniSalute Junior application, located at This link, is free downloadable and Can be freely by All to be used. Also, all play areas and prizes are available to all children who want to play and take part in the challenges of Mickey Mouse, Donald Dock, Pippo and other characters. Learning and discovering many useful tips is never so fun and close to the whole family. Have you ever tried the app? Tell us about the person you represent and your favorite activities