3 Good Reasons Why You Should Start Practicing Yoga

I love yoga.  I love the way my body feels as it holds a pose, and I love the calmness I leave with after a class.  Admittedly,  I don't do enough yoga.  I do, however, encourage those of you who haven't tried it to give it a whirl, and I've recruited Yvette Charlton, co-founder and designer of La Vie Boheme Yoga, to help convince you.

World Lifestyle: Why should people practice yoga?

Yvette Charlton: I think yoga is great for everybody and any lifestyle. If you’re an athlete and a very active person, yoga is a great way to incorporate some balance, stretch, and breathing practice into your daily routine. It will enhance your performance as an athlete, as well as balance your day. The same goes for people recovering from injuries, or elderly people. Anyway, yoga will enhance your lifestyle and help you connect the mind, body and soul.

Finding her centre

WL: Some say they don't have the patience for it. How would you convince them to give it a try?

YC: I guess in a way I can relate to those who say they don’t have the patience for it, because I’ve been there. There are times in my life that are so busy and high stress that all I crave is yoga for my daily routine. I guess just listen to what your body and mind is asking for that day. There are times when jogging or a cycling class is the only thing that feels good to me at the moment, so I do that. For those that say they don’t have the patience to practice yoga, I guess my response is patience is a practice isn’t it?

Yoga is a very personal and grounding practice and we all need to be grounded from time to time.



WL: One of yoga's biggest and best benefits is stretching, which many people overlook before or after a workout. Why is stretching so important to your overall well-being?

YC: Stretching in my opinion is very important, especially if you’re a very active person. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, which feels good! Stretching is known to improve joint movement as well, overall it reduces your risk of injury. If you’re not an active person, then stretching can help with your flexibility.


Yvette Charlton yoga practice outdoors

La Vie Boheme Yoga

La Vie Boheme yoga's collection of mats and apparel is inspired by the bohemian spirit of Southern California.

“La Vie Boheme Yoga represents everything we both love and have experienced the last few years of our lives. Every trip we have gone on has given us inspiration to create these beautiful yoga mats and accessories. We have chosen every single piece of our collection to represent our love of beautiful prints, and colors as well as functionality and comfort for our daily practice. We hope that you enjoy and come to love LVBY as much as we do.” - Co-founds Yvette Charlton and Michaela Moryskova