Achieve Deeper Poses and Restore Your Body With Dream Silks Yoga

The expert yogis at Miraval Resort & Spa in Arizona have created Dream Silks, a new variation of the practice using aerial silks to support and suspend the body while slipping in and out of various yin and restorative yoga postures.

Though I consider myself a yoga enthusiast, I was a bit nervous about the prospect of being suspended in air while trying to hold a pose (images of faceplants keep flashing through my head as I write this).  To understand more about what sounds like the most elegant, fluid class ever, I asked the teachers at Miraval what we could expect from such a class.

As someone who doesn't practice yoga very often but still enjoys it, is the Dreams Silks Yoga class something I would enjoy?

Absolutely.  Although it may look intimidating, the new Dream Silks yoga therapy is incredibly restorative and meant to be accessible to individuals of all levels. The silks are incredibly supportive and really help participants settle into the poses more easily.

Upside Down Wide show

Describe the class - how participants start out.

We first adjust the silks’ height to properly fit the individual. A demonstration of the poses then follows, showing how to transition in and out of each pose. Then we get started!

What is the most popular pose of Dream Silks yoga? How does it help the body?

It’s a toss-up between the Supported Twist and Supported Baddha Konasana (Cobbler’s pose). Both postures elevate the hips with the support of the silks and then allow gravity to help deepen the stretches, which focus on the hips and the lower back. They feel great!

How and why was this type of yoga created?

This type of yoga was created to introduce a more restorative and accessible yoga practice. There are already so many strenuous forms of yoga designed to maximize one's workout and while we definitely offer those, we also wanted to provide something more gentle and approachable. Something that would appeal to everyone from total newcomers to advanced yogis.

Woman Hanging Upside Down Dream Silks Miraval


Dream Silks evolved from what is known as Aerial Yoga, but is far less challenging for most people as the silks are lowered to be much closer to the ground. The postures that are from restorative and yin yoga practices are easily accessible to people who may not be comfortable in a regular Aerial Yoga class or want to experience restorative and yin practices in a new and more nurturing way.

What are the benefits?

Leaning Back Aerial Silks Yoga

The benefits are the ability to settle more deeply into the poses and thus achieve a better, more restorative stretch and more fully opened body.
In addition, using the silks gives the practitioner the opportunity to be held within very comfortable materials while slowly opening up areas that may be tense and in need of some stretching without much effort on the yogis part.

Miraval's Dream Silks Yoga: 50 Min/$150 RC.

[All images via Tucson-based wedding photographer Chris Richards Photography, shot on location at La Mariposa wedding venue]