Can’t Sleep? The 6 Easy Yoga Poses to Beat Insomnia

Do you want to fall asleep within two minutes of your head hitting the pillow? I do. With TV, computer screens, and smartphones, it's hard to shut off our brains. Not to worry, there are six basic yoga poses you can do from the comfort of your own bed to help rest your mind and body. You'll drift off to a great night's sleep. Start by taking 10 rounds of breath, and begin.

1.  Seated Wide Angle Pose - Upavistha Konasana
While in seated wide angle pose, place a pillow in front of your hips to rest on, or bend your knees slightly if your spine begins to round.

2.  Locust Pose - Salabhasana

While in bed, use a pillow under your body to support your hips and stomach.


3.  Legs Up Wall Pose - Viparita Karani

Breathe deeply for three minutes. Use a pillow under your hips if you would like more support.

4.  Reclined Bound Angle Pose - Supta Baddha Konasana

Again, you can place a pillow under your back lengthwise for extra support. Stay in this pose for up to three minutes.


5.  Supine Spinal Twist - Jathara Parivartanasana

Stay in the pose for one minute and then switch to the other side.  Release the tension with each exhale.  Use a pillow under your back for extra support.

6.  Corpse Pose - Savasana

This final pose will help you drift off into a blissful night's sleep. Again, there is an option to place a pillow under your spine. Breathe in for four counts, hold your breath for seven counts, and then breathe out for eight counts. Do this four more times. Remember to take the pillow out from under your back before you fall asleep. Sweet dreams.