Heart Health: What are the tests for a complete cardiovascular examination?

For many of us, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an obligation. Sometimes they respect him, others try to pursue it at best. Probably, however, according to our intent there is a common desire: improving our appearance and our lives. Therefore, we exercise, and we carry out a slimming diet, sometimes forget that the winning budget should also be provided for periodic cardiac screening . Especially after a certain age threshold and in the presence of certain physical conditions, it is necessary for the heart to be tested for heart ; in this regard, medical research offers several therapeutic options. Let's take a look at the optimal options to keep our hearts healthy.

Heart Diseases: Types and Risk Factors

Among the diseases that affect the heart, we find that many of them, inevitably, have a recurrence in our circulatory system; This is why more than 19459002 speak of cardiovascular disease .

In recent decades, at the center of scientific attention due to their enormous impact in industrialized countries, they have been created to some extent with inherited factors. In general, if all of us at all ages use preventative measures around the world by organizations such as the World Health Organization and in Italy by the Ministry of Health, we can steadily decrease.

High blood pressure affects smoking, age and diabetes, there are several risk factors for cardiovascular disease . Among these, some circulatory systems (such as stroke, aneurysm and peripheral vascular diseases) are associated, while others are more damaging to the heart, such as pericarditis, valvulopathies, and heart attacks. With the exception of genetic and degenerative diseases, almost all other cases relate to rare dietary and lifestyle behaviors that increase the risk of cancer such as smoking and drowning.

Cardiovascular Health: Habits and Lifestyle

  Prevention of Heart Disease

How can we fight against cardiovascular disease and improve our general health in everyday life? Taking good habits, of course: avoiding smoking, regular exercise regular physical activity and reducing our alcohol, lipids, and sugars consumption help prevent many diseases from starting. [19659005] However, even the exams for heart play an important role in the fight against cardiovascular disease. In particular:

  • a drug therapy according to patient's need;
  • a supervision Clinical Therapeutic Therapy;
  • Membership in Cardiac Screening Program ] For early diagnosis of heart disease;

is also a prime consideration for conducting a recursion study Cardiology . According to projections, screening is a preventive measure to prevent the risk of heart disease in men and women over 45 years of age ; consisting of a series of special examinations for the heart, in general With a period that varies depending on whether people also smoke, overweight or have high blood pressure.

is usually done in the form of a hospital every day, this study does not require special preparation, if fasting is not due to blood sampling. The planned test package is the primary target for confirming the function of the cardiovascular system so for patients suffering from heart disease before and for those who wish to perform preventive screening in the absence of apparent disorder

Here is the heart screening usually involves:

Visit cardiology

This is mainly to gain an overview of the patient's health, because even before the ECG, he knows every breath. In the heart or heart arrhythmias. In addition to carrying out breast implants, at this stage, the cardiologist identifies parameters such as maximum and minimum arterial pressure through a suitable measuring instrument.

Laboratory tests

in particular for monitoring the health status of patients with previously diagnosed cardiac disorders, aim at measuring organic balance, including oxygen and carbon, as well as enzymes and proteins that For heart function are vital.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

To isolate any disorder in the heart rhythm, the electrocardiogram performs a graphically graphic activity of the heart through electrodes located at the end of the body and on the chest. A result in the standard generally eliminates the risk of diseases such as arrhythmias and fibroblasts

Exercise Test

 Exercise Test

With our electrocardiogram we often find a physical test that Includes walking on a particular treadmill or moving a special bike when using electrodes, in order to monitor the response of the heart to a long-term physical effort.


In examining the cardiovascular system, the presence of a respiratory problem, such as breathing or breathing, is an echocardiogram exam that examines the status of the heart muscle through a special ultrasound probe and the risk of the patient In comparison with the likelihood of heart failure.

Echocardiopulmonary coli

Like muscle function, our blood flow can also be analyzed in detail, and in a non-invasive way, thanks to the ultrasonic technique ecocolardoppler . Although the test takes only a few minutes, a full range of distribution and blood flow velocity are provided in both aorta and intravenous cavities.

In general, all cardiac screening function is carried out by specialists under the direct supervision of the cardiologist which may, if necessary, suggest that the patient strengthen the unconventional values.

Preventive Therapy

  Cardiovascular Screening

Commitment One Healthy Lifestyles and Performed Exam Periods is an optimal combination for reducing heart disease.

From angiography to Felbright, there are a large number of exams that the cardiologist can use to further deepen the results of cardiovascular outcomes. In Italy, insurance plans are able to provide services to subscribers not only more than services provided by the Cardiology Survey but any additional research in a highly specialized hospital environment. This is Cuore InSalute which also covers the total cost of the ticket, even if we decide to do a check in public facilities. Joining insurance such as this offers a 360-degree prevention against cardiovascular risk.

Tell us about your experience: Have you ever completed a complete heartbeat?

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