How is heathl hernia visualized and treated?


Hyalatinal hernia The pathology of the movement of the stomach upwards is in the chest. The walls of the stomach, where the muscles needed for mixing and evacuating the food, have a thicker area called sphincter. It is located between the liquid and the esophagus and acts like a milk. When the sphincter is loose, it allows the passage of food, while when it is closed, preventing the same food and gastric acid from going to esophagus, and in fact, gastroesophageal reflux reflux .

Sphincter, also diaphragmatic muscle fibers, is the muscle that causes us to breathe, closing the esophagus to prevent acid reflux and food. When a part of a member of the abdomen, generally stomach, is transmitted through the diaphragm into the chest, a hiatal hernia occurs . Let's see how it is shown and treated

Hyalat hernia: Symptoms and types

As noted above, the most transitory concern is part of the stomach , But the Hiatal hernia can also affect the small intestine, the pancreas and the spleen.

There are two different types: the slider diaphragm hernia (the most common), where the sphincter and part of the stomach are high through the hole (cut off) in the diaphragm. The hernia, which is usually small, can slide in and around the lower chest up and down,

  • Hyalat hernia of rolling (less common). In this situation, part of the stomach is placed through the aperture hole near Mary. This is a more common type, but more dangerous, because it can prevent food from passing and causing lesions in the stomach.
  • How does it reveal it?

    Hyatal hernia has no symptoms. The most common, which can go after a meal and worsen, is actually due to acid reflux .

    Actually, in the presence of this disorder, stomach acid tends to increase, the rise (reflex), inflammation of the lower part of the esophagus with various consequences:

    • heartburn which can sometimes cause abdominal pain Upper and chest
    • burning in the neck region
    • pain or burning of food or drink swallowing
    • difficulty passing food through the lower esophagus (rare sign)

    other unusual and difficult signs of diagnosis, For example, those with gum, halitosis, sore throat, choking and throat feel thirst. In some cases, there is a serious chest pain that can be misleading for heart attack, while rarely in people with para-phage hernias, the symptoms may be obstructed by obstructive stomach obstruction. . In this case, the seriousness of the pain chest pain appears to be vomiting

    Let's see how it is diagnosed and how to treat a hyalatin hernia

    Diagnostic tests for the herniated hyalut and Treatment

      Hernia diagnosis

    A hyatal hernia can be detected basically by three methods: transferring barite with specific x-ray imaging which has a hernia or Hernia Some weakness of lower esophageal sphincter also indicates reflux in the stomach; Endoscopy is increasingly used to assess the location of the place where the sphincter is located, the stomach area And examination of the presence of inflammatory lesions / ulcers in the lower esophagus

  • Using the thin probe which detected the presence of acid in the esophagus (pHMetria) and the capacity and strength of the subarticular low sphincter (manometry)
  • How to hernia Is hiatal treated?

    First, it can be said that gastric acid can be neutralized by anti-inflammatory drugs . With regard to the hernia, its progress can be reduced by simple tricks similar to those recommended for gastric reflux:

    • maintains a normal naturally occurring weight, in particular through a low-fat diet And balance
    • prevent fried, greasy or stimulant foods such as alcohol, seafood, coffee, spices and chocolate drinks, as in irritable bowel syndrome
    • ] Eat little and often Avoid filling the abdomen
    • Do not sleep immediately after a meal, but wait 2-3 hours
    • To sleep with a little raised chest (19459003) (Lift Q The bed, for having all the pond slightly increased), through the padding and avoiding the stretching to prevent reflux
    • The use of household objects, such as brushes, or other tools, with the longest possible category may be Avoid bending any of the pressure or stomach in the stomach be careful to break excess clothes, torso, corsets or corsets

    If despite all These actions, called the "total fundratio fundputatio which reduces the hernia, and the most often determinant reflex, can be called the whole clinical picture"). Considerable

    ]especially for people with overweight or metabolic syndrome disorders a haythyl hut can exacerbate the whole clinical picture and requires constant monitoring of its parameters and great attention Diet and Weight Body

     Medical Examination

    In fact, it is very important that body weight is not excessively increased, so the diet should be always controlled. , Limiting the number of calories introduced

    In this direction, the policy Cuore InSalute by UniSalute represents a suitable solution (recommended by 9 out of 10 clients), as for Program person diet and exercise. In addition, it includes continuous monitoring of your health plan for monitoring and preventing cardiopulmonary arrest, from some tests such as:

    • HDL cholesterol
    • total cholesterol,
    • triglycerides
    • [19659016] with one The doctor is always available for advice, information and assistance.

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