How to choose the best training shoes?

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Exercise Adrenaline is energy and health. Fortunately, many of those who begin to enter the gym, swimming pool or assign themselves to a particular discipline, hardly isolate themselves. In fact, the commitment to creating a sustainable movement helps us specifically to mitigate the effects of inertia .

Whether you are teaching at home or in a particular structure, we know well that the choice of equipment is essential for success and security Education . And it's important not to miss any details, from Training shoes which allows us physically to keep us in balance, but also as much as possible.

So some of the Useful Tips to choose the most suitable shoes for the type of sport that we do and what features we must have

How to choose the most suitable training shoes

In the last decades, the design and performance of the shoes has evolved very quickly and significantly. Models, materials used and technology have been changed: Today almost all technical shoes with shock absorbers (air, gel or net) are equipped with under-heels and are located at the front and Insert stability

These elements, on the one hand, allow us to achieve better results in physical activity, while on the other hand they help reduce the accident however, the choice of shoes Training is conducted in a precise and accurate manner. In some cases, the advice of an expert although a trainer or even an expert, is recommended

. In any case, there are elements that we should always consider:

  • Weight Athlete,
  • Type of land where training is done
  • Individual floor support (For those who wish to analyze themselves, experts advise Baropodometric examination
  • Status
  • Sports that a person decides to practice

If the first features, in general, are mental, this last element enables us to have a variety of products with similar characteristics. That is why the shoes are suitable for rewards Fitness, fitness and boxing are suitable.

For each sport, its shoes

shoes for running

  running shoes [19659002] running for the brain and the body is also good and The 6 million Italians who choose to exercise as sport to keep fit and enjoy themselves, attract the benefits and simplicity of training, do not need these tools, structures or subscriptions. However, choosing the right shoes, Not immediate

In fact, there are very good seven main categories of running shoes:

  • A0 minima
  • superleggere A1
  • medium A2 [19659010] maximum A3 pressure [19659013] Sustainable A4
  • A5 route (special footwear for busy and busy land for those who devote themselves, for example for the mountain race
  • – A8 specialists (models for competitions Race 19459002 and others for it on the route )

Differences between models related to weight shoes degrees flexibility surface of asphalt and Fixing

step, fitness and zumba: what shoes shoes

  gym shoes

a fitness and one who is accustomed to the stadium knows that he should choose an instructional shoe that can easily move and breathe . 19659002] In particular, fitness shoes allow us to move the leg freely in two parts, and we often have a collar that protects the ankle. In this case, the sealing system is very important, because you must allow to shake the heel, which is often influenced by this type of training.

The fans Zumba need a much more efficient shoe, while those who do not lose even a lesson from crossfit must buy a special shoe, in fact two . In fact, activities that are planned for education require a lash-boot that guarantees stability and a lighter one for other sessions and exercises.

How to choose shoes for boxing training

  Boxing equipment

Classic shoes are not ideal even for those who practice boxing . In fact, shoes for training should take some very specific parameters in this case, it is useful to let the best in our circle.

sole for example, is thin, soft, flat and not above above: the goal is to allow more control of the foot while moving to the left. Materials to be used must be very robust and lightweight to facilitate the fast and fast movement of the legs and "compensate" for the fatigue of the upper limbs determined by the weight of gloves [1965،9002]then there are certain markers for the type of fabric [19659003] Is to breathe so that it can remain dry throughout the session and practice, which is why it is not uncommon for boxer shoes leather with plastic inserts

as in the case of basketball , Those who practice boxing need shoes that offer ankle support : so often the top shoes are somewhat more upsetting, but In general, we have considered.

Attention to wear

  Sport shoes

Undoubtedly choose the right shoes as the strategy Prevention of accidents I am very effective. However, experts point out that the attempt to forget about is often stopped for their replacement . If even high-performance shoes are more suitable, they can turn into an accident that may lead us to a variety of harm. Let's not forget that a poll from the Institute of Sport Sciences, CONI, has revealed that one-third of the wounds and the problems of athletes from foot to foot . ]

How, then, practice exercises for peace? Definitely choose advice from on the right shoe keep your equipment safe, care and attention to wear and tear, all that we use for education is an essential element of prevention. . However, it may be useful to join a physical therapy insurance policy such as by UniSalute which in the event of an accident involves rehabilitation treatments up to the maximum annual cost and benefits of reduced prices. . In some dependent facilities, if the ceiling is too high

Did you know what is the right strategy to choose shoes for?