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can not discriminate on the topic the definition of holiday without talking about death, it still discriminates against the taboo subjectas well as alternate names: death, end of life, Conclusion Ground Trip

We do not accept death and we call it an enemy that must be avoided and postponed as far as possible. Instead, you need to know that death is not at the end of life, but is part of lifeand mourning is a natural experience and should not become a pathological experience.

The term mourning today extends to any experience that involves loss: a job, home, separation, divorce. But the death of a person is a very different event because it is irreversible.

Natural or pathologic mourning

  Psychological mourning

Any one of us has lived, or we must keep the death of a person alive. Dear. The irreversible loss and deep pain that accompanies it is never easy to deal with. However, the process of mourning usually occurs naturally, through rituals and stepswhich leads to overcoming it. However, it may happen that a person can not overcome these dramatic moments and has been blocked for a long time in a pathological mourningwhich prevents the continuation of life in a healthy way. In this case, it is important to recognize the signs and to interfere with a career that accompanies the person to rewrite the loss so that he can balance his life and Rest assured.

Mourning: 4 Natural Phases

The natural process of mourning is described in four phases The Swiss psychiatrist of Switzerland Elizabeth Kobler Rossis one of the leading experts in the study of death.

  1. The beginning of a moment of anger and shock, with emotion denialis a phase that may exist for several days
  2. the search dead manaccompanied by feelings of anxiety and sin [19659010] The phase of anger (and depression), which manifests itself with indifference, disappointment, sadness and sadness of social life;
  3. A gradual return to lifewith interest And a new desire for the future.

Unsolved Mourning: When Pain Rejects

  Mourning Neglected Neglegation

We Talk About Unsolved or Pathologic Mourning When Pain Not ExpressedThe person denies what has happened, does not accept himself, he does not resign to the dramatic changes that do not occur in his life. Sometimes it is necessary to react quickly, to prove strong, to create the suffering of others, or to show their fragility to their children, without knowing and accepting great loss of pain. Pain, crying, disappointment, need for help, and the need for the page to change quickly. However, unresolved mourning leads to time the various consequences ofwhich the person becomes aware of for a long time without being subjected to oppressive pain:

  • indifference
  • depression [19659010[Resettlementtothelonelinessofaffection
  • Low motivation for initiative
  • Closure to social relationships
  • Nostalgia for the past
  • Denial of all forms of change and innovation

The consequences of mourning

  Mourning comfort

The "unresolved" mourning, due to its lack of definition, is not only invalid for the person who lives it, but also in later generations: It is transmitted to the children To be In fact, emotional distress, unexplained sorrow and uncertainty may be a bloc for a successful life and a disability in the process of death. It seems that the individual is unconsciously "the one who no longer exists" (a parent, a brother, a grandfather) whose death was processed or even unknown, such as a termination of pregnancy

in this Unfinished mourning, it is recommended to contact a professional which has not been tasked with guiding the steps.


  1. A psychologist helps a person perform the separation which is often lost: for example, I go to the cemetery, send a letter to my dear, which is gone, everything He says that he did not say what was said before or even freed himself from oaths or promises that were made and must be faded
  2. This person helps express all feelings, Thoughts, Emotions Exam
  3. Professional Invitation Fr. The company lost money to one of the loved ones, thanks to Thanks for all the moments, and made grief as grateful.
  4. Eventually, the individual was transferred to to discover his inner strengthhis own resources and new motives for the continuation of life

However, it is good to remember that The reaction is personal mourning and is influenced by the personality and the circumstances leading to death. In fact, one thing is that considering the age, accept the cause of natural death, it is no longer a sudden death of a spouse, child, or death by murder or suicide. Additionally, is the determination of the Relationship and Assistance Network that exists in family, friendship and social relationships

. If there is no support network, it will be easier to resign from depression as trap alone. Which leads to unresolved mourning

Definition of mourning in children: how to talk to them about death?

  Mourning child of the holidays

Unfortunately, it can happen that mourning involves children. Often we tend to remove them and protect them from the subject of death, thinking to do good, but not always. We mention before death or death that we often have psychological and emotional consequences that restrict happy life. And even children should wait, not just adults

In case of death in the family, it is good to talk to parents and tells the child what has happened without secrets or taboo because Immediately realizes that something has changed. This is important so that you do not undermine the relationship of trust with reference adults in order to avoid being suspicious and unsafe in the future.

But the best way to talk to children about death is to explain to you and to approach them in the process of mourning

  • to use a simple and clear language
  • to respond Their questions
  • To prevent falsehood 19659010] Failure to compare death with sleep and travel To prevent unknown communication that can cause future behavioral problems

We must To tell children that death is part of the life cycle As happens in the seasons, but most of all it ensures what happens to the child is not his fault. (Especially if he loses his parents).

 Funeral son

I Funeral Then they are an important ceremony in the definition of mourning, or in any case, all narratives related to their own religious beliefs. Each one is based on his faith.

The child can participate in collective and family congregation as an opportunity to congratulate the New Year and leave his lovers, but we must be careful that the ceremony is balanced, with the participation of the participants who bring pain to Combined expression. On the other hand, if there is a risk of sad conflicts such as screaming or fatigue at the funeral, it is better to protect the child and keep it somewhere else.

In addition, after the ceremony or the following day is useful The child to do something normal together: Walking, riding to the playing field, leaving to eat an ice cream, so that he again Immersed in his life and activities.

And just looking at our children and adults, we also recall that life is a cyclical one, and we can advance all the love that lies ahead of them.

Do you want to tell us about your experience? How did you encounter an absentee process?