Hunt for hundreds of thousands. Look at the iMac Pro Pro

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The new iMac Pro offers the power and price of the iMac Pro but for a long time, In the future, iFix experts and iMac scrutinized the last piece and found that the modularity features are there. Decide for the entire commentary with hundreds of

Repairs are rated 3/10, which means that they are pretty scary, but you can only get the display from the rest of the body.

 iMac Pro Pro (source: iFixit)
iMac Pro Pro (source: iFixit)

Inside is located The processor labeled Xeon W-2140B is not standard model Intel but true> similar> to> jaký upravený for secretly ™ eby Apple (for evidencing the ™> Quali snÞenà Akono ™ PA, and thus it zjednoduÅ¡enà © cooling). It is located in a white socket (LGA 2066), so the potential for the future is here. Everyone paid for RAM, Apple used up to four standard 288-foot DDR4 modules.

However, AMD graphics is integrated directly on the board, so it's virtually eliminated in the home conditions. The questioner then hangs over the SSD. Apple has used two modules, but it is its proprietary design. The cards contain only NAND memories because the security (and security element plus additional circuits) is handled by the Apple T2 coprocessor

So the iMac Pro is theoretically widespread, but without losing You do not get the inscriptions inside. And even if he did, he would risk wasting hundreds of thousands of computers for upgrading memory would not be wise. Apple's promise promises to bring such a new Mac Pro workstation that may not be so bad