Italians with a foreign car license plate, what changes for the smart guys?

foreign car license plate saves the Italians “ furbetti ” who do not want to take fines ? Of this topic we had already talked about but it remains always very timely.

The Highway Code speaks clearly. I vehicles registered in countries other than Italy and of properties of citizens residing in Italy (also with different nationality from the Italian one) may circulate in our territory for a maximum of one year .

Change though if the owner of a vehicle with license plate foreign is not resident in Italy but in any country of the European Community. If the car is registered in the same country of residence, traffic is permitted in Italy and throughout the Community without time limits .

And so? It means nothing fines receipts (not collectable ) and insurance (abroad) much lower. A very common practice is the rating . That is the rental of cars registered in other European countries. The car is usually purchased by the owner and transferred to a foreign company for management and matriculation. He registers it in his own name in another country and grants it to the same owner. It is not illegal but something could be out of date

If the rating is achieved in compliance with tax and fiscal rules, it is a correct expression of the principle of free circulation of goods within the Community. And therefore lawful in Italy. But if it conceals tax or tax evasion can be considered illicit and be prosecuted

Casus belli

It is all to be verified. But in the meantime a judge of peace of Pavullo nel Frignano has moved the waters, at least as regards the foreigners . In practice to trigger the penalty for missed re-registration with Italian license plate of a vehicle foreigner it is sufficient for a motorist to be caught in Italy at the steering wheel of the same car three times over a period of time over six months . It could really change something.

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