Kia Niro EV, electric concept at the Ces in Las Vegas

Kia Niro EV, at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas there will be a concept electric. The design of the sketches follows that of the Niro currently on the marketor the crossover hybrid.

This is a flag bearer of the near future. Niro EV anticipates the technologies that will arrive on the next Kia series. Obviously electric traction, but at CES obviously other factors will be exalted too. Such as autonomous driving, with Beyond Autonomous Drivingwhich will show the capabilities of the vehicle, combining systems on the market with those under development. Literally beyond the self drivethanks to man-machine interfaces (HMI) particularly advanced.

Kia Niro EV, total connection

Will also be equipped with the connection 5Gworld premiere on a car. Also the system of illuminationthe Motion Graphic. But obviously the key will be efficiency and the autonomy of the powertrain electric, which will be unveiled at Nevada hours.