Kia unveils the Niro electric concept and the future strategy

As part of the presentation of the electric concept Niro Kia illustrated his future strategy at the Ces of Las Vegas . A vision defined “ boundless for all “, unlimited for all for the countless opportunities in terms of mobility and future transport. There are three basic concepts of the Kia strategy: autonomy connection electrization .

Kia aims to commercialize cars with a level 4 autonomous driving. The tests of these vehicles should begin in 2021 . From 2025, the House will adopt connection technologies among its own cars to make each model a connected car in 2030. Finally, by 2025, Kia will introduce 16 new electrified vehicles . In a range that includes new hybrids, plug-in hybrids and 100% electric. A new fuel-cell electric model will arrive in 2020.

The presentation of the Niro electric concept is part of this. This SUV represents a further step in the electrification of the Korean house. The design makes aerodynamics very efficient, the front grille has been replaced by a interactive display . The new Active Pedestrian Warning System improves safety systems for pedestrians, with front chambers and object recognition sensors.

Lithium polymer batteries provide energy with a capacity of 64 kWh and are coupled to the electric motor by 150 kWh . Niro is credited with a range of 383 km .

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