Lamborghini Urus, the first processing. The tuning of Top Car Design

In Moscow they immediately took the bull of Sant'Agata by the horns. Lamborghini Urus with 650 horses and a speed of over 300 km / h is not a SUV sufficiently extreme? For us it suffices and moves forward, but there is already the first tuning . The first elaboration made by Top Car Design Russian company .

A elaboration esthetic which overlaps to the design of the Urus, already particular, by Mitja Borkert . The Urus of Top Car Design is even more showy . This is a bodykit which for now remains on paper, but was created to have the primacy of the first tuning on the super sports suv

 Lamborghini Urus TOPCAR Design

Special and exaggerated: the bodykit of Top Car Design

Largo uso di carbon fiber (which already abounds). The front of the Urus has been revised in some details, among which the splitter . In profile stand out the new miniskirts behind other new details on the ventures of air. Also the alloy wheels are new. But certainly the bonnet stands out, where the sf air gullets for the 4-liter V8 biturbo are in the foreground.

 Lamborghini Urus, the video of the Super Sport Utility Vehicle
La Urus in the factory configuration

At the rear there is the option for two different configurations of the terminals of discharge . Classics rounds or more hi-tech of form trapezoidal . Also the bumper has been updated, like the roof spoiler still in carbon fiber.

The information for the moment, are these. Top Car Design has not yet displayed the interiors . Or indicated any changes to the engine already equipped with a power never adopted by an SUV. But Urus is a SSUV, with two “esse”. One Super Sport Utility Vehicle : and therefore we do not set any limits …

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