Lexus LC, the hybrid that excites, sporty line and high performance

The high-performance hybrid car is a must-have for the new century. And who better than Toyotawith its luxury brand Lexuscould take up the challenge?

The result is the new LC. A great coupé tourism that combines futuristic and aggressive lines with important technical contents and absolute performance. We tested it on a journey from Munich to Milanwith a stop at Flimsin Switzerland. Measuring the qualities of a car really surprising because it combines luxury and comfort, typical of the Lexus brand, with the speeding qualities that bring it closer to a sports race.

 Lexus LC

The extended snoutwith its ample hourglass grille and triple leds, immediately declare the high stylistic value of LC. The car has a low center of gravity, the roof almost elusive, the short tail with the small fin of the spoiler that breaks the rear. The volumes are muscular but always in harmony with a streamlined design that immediately captures the attention.

The interiors are sportiveggianti but luxurious with enveloping seats and ample use of leather and alcantara . The functions are adjusted by a 10.3-inch touchscreen. And from a steering wheel control that can choose between 4 driving modes: Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport +.

The beating heart of the Lexus LC is the hybrid system composed of a V6 petrol engine 3.5. Which, added to the electric engine, guarantees a power of 359 total horsepower. So the Lexus GT touches the 250 hours and shoots from 0 to 100 times in 4.7 seconds

The driving is always fluidassisted by electric steering and Multilink suspension. That limit the jolts on the bumps and reduce the noise outside, thanks to the perfect soundproofing of the passenger compartment. The seats are four, with the two rear ones very limited in space even for the very low roof line.

Change of pace

But the real big news of the LC, which has front engine and rear wheel driveis represented by the system Multi Stage Hybrid. The classic VTC transmission continuously variable, which does not always adapt to the most abrupt accelerations, is combined with an automatic 4-speed.

thus become ten and soft and natural changes of speed. Without jolts or sensations of an engine that runs empty. The handling from sports car is never less so even when you press firmly on the accelerator. For those who love more comfort, the Luxury version is recommended. The Sport + has a gritty trim and racing with a lower center of gravity, a roof and a carbon fiber spoiler, 4 steering wheels and 21-inch wheels. Also available a version with a 477-horsepower petrol V8. The starting price is 105,500 euros.

Giuseppe Tassi