LG is preparing a new A9 processor and a roll-over display for 2018

LG unveiled the first details of its OLED TVs for 2018. The new model line for this year is based on the racing and advent of the new A9 processor LG also ThinQ and Rhythm Support (HFR) of 120 frames per second

New A9 processors get the highest C8 (55, 65 and 77 “), E8 (55- 65 “) and Flag W8 (65 and 77″). Support for a high recovery rate is definitely important in the future and without a fast processor it would not be possible, although there is very little content in only 60 snaps per second [19659003] lg-a9 ” width=”640″ height=”360″ >

LG Alpha 9

All new OLED TVs will be the same as in 2017 to support Dolby Atmos surround sound. The involvement of existing ThinQ technology could then be transferred to a smart home smartphone. In the upcoming year, LG will support HDL standards for Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, and Advanced HDR in the upcoming year. The latter has so far failed

In the lower ways, Super UHD TVs with LCD technology can improve the contrast and darker black dots of local dimming on full-screen displays. The contrast is already as good as Nano Cell technology (comparable to Samsung's QLED).

The screen will be on CES 88 “OLED screen with resolution 8K, LG is coming to Sharp. He has introduced his 8K TV in the autumn, but of course it is a LCD. But as with HRF technology, for such resolutions, the totally error-free content

OLED that you can roll

à Technology does not need the content because CES is still displaying a 65 “OLED screen that rolls. The display in the W Series is extremely thin and you have to stick it on the wall so that when LG receives an OLED into a flexible plastic, it can roll the entire screen flat. He does not have to go directly to the TV, but only to the display itself (see LG Display, not LG Electronics)