Manufacturers are reportedly planning to raise graphics cards in the mainstream and high-end graphics

Graphics cards are sold out or expensive in stores, as Bitcoin's bubble price bubble has fueled powerfully in the fall of alternative cryptography after some reassuring in the autumn. Unfortunately, it seems that the growth is not over. While it keeps increasing the price of a great deal by salespeople and distributors, the cost is now coming from such card makers and there is a chance that the price rises from them will gradually show up another worse at the end of the whole quote, that is, the prices that we pay to my end customers.

According to the Taiwan DigiTimes site, which obtains a variety of racist information from companies at And this is the first of a few, the Democrats, graphic card makers are accustomed to raising their products in the near future (not for the first time, some last year ). There are two reasons for the two – but both have increased the GDDR5 memory and more; in addition to the fact that the availability of GPUs on AMD and / or Nvidia is also significantly worse, as well as the purchase price. Just for the post, if we talk about the graphic designers, we mean Sapphire, Evgu, PowerColor, XFX, Gigabyte, MSI, Asus, Zotac and so on.

As if the prices of mainstream graphics were not bad enough

Because of the increase in the cost of the entry cards “On the Matterworld”, DigiTimes's company has grown especially on mainstream cards and higher performance segments – all of which mean the cards from the GTX 1060 and Radeon RX 570 vé. The prices of these graphics will be raised by manufacturers by $ 5 to $ 20. It may not be like a boy, but you have to remember that the distributors and vendors who follow the crowd who are getting the goods get its margins are crossing on a percentage basis. When their purchase price is increased by some value, their own cost will be even higher than that. So, if the price increases at the manufacturer's output at the end price of the espresso, there will be some more money.

It will probably not be a good idea to raise the cost of those models that have a They are the ones who are cheating, so it is profitable to overstate them. Producers say they expect the crypto-goldfish to be willing to pay for the price and their demand will not go away. However, this insurance is not a reason to buy a lot of money. Because the offer is more limited than demand, unfortunately the economic decision-making companies in this situation are likely to take the toys. Greater margins and sales with a higher price compensate for less sales to the gamer. It's unpleasant for us (and also a wider gaming industry), but it's about to do nothing. Unfortunately, this is the segment that has been the ideal price / performance ratio. ” width=”1600″ height=”900″ > ” width=”1600″ height=”900″ >  Radeon Reference RX 570 Sample (VideoCardz)

Financial Results of Producers ¯ pocÃtà vzruÅ ¥

These rises, together with the boom in the GPU, generally have a massive economic impact. Graphic card makers would say that in the first quarter, they are still recording a sales slump that is typical of Q4 against Q4 due to the seasonal nature of the demand. But the price of the extra expense is higher than the year before Q1 2017. (19659009)