Mazda believes in petrol engines and develops SkyActiv 3


Mazda believes in the petrol engines and develops the SkyActiv 3 . The Japanese House, which makes efficiency one of its flags, has announced that it is working on the third generation of its engines. Indeed, the realization is coming to an end: the new engines will arrive on the market in 2019 .

Formula One Efficiency

The SkyActiv 3 will focus on thermal efficiency . To reduce consumption and emissions . This is due to a lower loss of energy in combustion. That is, less heat dispersed plus fuel spared . With a thermal efficiency of 50% compared to 30% of the competition. These numbers are already existing, but not on the market: it happens to the V6 of F1 .

Mazda aims to make petrol engines that are ecological as electric engines. This during their operational life. Because it is good to remember that electric motors and batteries produce emissions in their production processes and in their disposal.


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