Mercedes & 2018 F1 engine will expand "All new"

The Mercedes team has largely dominated Formula One for the past four seasons, but the team will not rest on lauri in 2018.

Recently discussing the brand's engine for the 2018 season with Motorsport , Andy Cowell, said the propulsion will be "fairly new".

"We have several stages in the season and we have ideas to improve the power, the power indicated in the engine."

"We have ideas to reduce friction in almost any area of ​​the electrical unit or loss in electrical systems," he showed

According to Cowell, Mercedes knows a selection of areas where he can (19659002) "Every time you make an engine, every time you make a phase update you've always learned."

"So you freeze the concept, you do the work, you do pro-out, you go racing and all this journey is intense frustrating because you learn, but you can not embed it in that phase without destroying the fundamental quality. "

" So, we assure that we have a learning culture that observes and teaches and reflects and then remembers that when it is time to put together the next concept, we have a lot of ideas and many of them are small, marginal gains on well-trained areas, "said Cowell.

In the first half of the 2017 season, the Mercedes team was attacked by Ferrari ace Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton to win the drivers' championship comfortably and Mercedes to win a fourth consecutive champion