Mercedes GLB, the average SUV with off-road style


Mercedes GLB the family of the SUV of the Stella will soon expand. The camouflaged prototypes are already being tested, the new model, which will be about 4.5 meters long i, will arrive on the market in 2019 . Mercedes, like almost all manufacturers, focuses heavily on the Sport Utility Vehicles. So much so that in the range a large number. Or GLA GLC (with coupe version), GLE (also with coupé), then the GLS the [19659003] G Class which is about to be presented . The GLB will then become the seventh SUV ninth if we consider the sports variants.

Mercedes GLB – render

Design inspired by the G-Class

Mercedes GLB, could borrow the design of the G-Class [19659011]the queen of the off-road vehicle. With more squared shapes than other SUVs. In range instead it will be put between the GLA and the GLC . It will be equipped with the modular platform MFA2 that of the new Class A .

Look from offroad, but devoted to the road . Like many other SUVs, the GLB will focus on an original design will be equipped with the 4Matic all-wheel drive . And obviously it will obviously have the new MBUX infotainment system . Which at the Ces of Las Vegas has received great acclaim. It will be a mainly road vehicle, but aiming to differentiate itself

 Mercedes GLB
Mercedes GLB – render

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