Mercedes, stop the diesel cars in the US market


Mercedes will no longer sell diesel cars in the US market. After a couple of years of waiting, with the increasingly rigid controls of the American authorities that blocked the diesel of the Star, in Monaco they decided to say enough. In the States, diesel accounts for 3% on Mercedes sales. A negligible and expendable datum that led to this decision

After the dieselgate the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions controls have become increasingly accurate and meticulous. At the beginning of 2016 Mercedes diesel certifications were blocked for further checks. The Star then postponed the sale of the diesel versions of Class C and GLC . But in 2017 the situation has not yet been released. Hence, the decision to stop the sale of diesels in the US

With the electric and electrified cars that are advancing on the market and catalyzing the attention of the houses, Mercedes has decided to sacrifice diesels. According to recent research, in 2025 only 4% of the circulating cars will have diesel engines. A data in sudden descent. At the end of 2016, the share was 13.5% . Mercedes will continue to sell in the United States only the van Sprinter diesel, but not passenger cars.

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