Mission E, the first electric Porsche is almost ready


Porsche is completing the tests of its first electric car derived from the prototype Mission E . After the presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 the Stuttgart House continued the development . The new model will not be called Mission E, but will bring many new features. Made on a specific platform, the new J1 . Without no kinship with other future electric models of Audi or Volkswagen . The launch is scheduled in 2019 the first deliveries in the 2020 .

The new Porsche is announced with a 500 km range an important standard for an electric car. Will have power at 800 Volt batteries compact and can be partially recharged in just 15 minutes .

The Porsche Mission E during the winter tests

Mission E, three levels of power

It will not be an extreme sports car, it is a four doors but the services are guaranteed. Two electric motors one on the front axle and one on the rear, to guarantee the four-wheel drive . The maximum power of the peak model should be of 670 horses . From supercar then, but there will be versions also from 540 and 400 hp . The starting price of the entry version, the least powerful of course, should be around 90,000 euros . In the range therefore halfway between Panamera to 911 also as a vocation. The coupe 2 + 2 to 100% electric of Porsche could be an important watershed in the history of luxury cars.

 Porsche Mission E
Porsche Mission E, the prototype presented in 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show

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