New Mercedes G-Class, the eternal off-road vehicle. Guaranteed by Schwarzy

New Mercedes G-Class warrants Arnold Schwarzenegger . The iconic off-road of the Star, enormous and highly effective in offroad, was presented at the Detroit Motor Show . Cars of luxury prices will start from 107,000 euros but also a symbol of the ability to extricate themselves on the most difficult routes. The godfather of the spectacular show was the former governor of California and movie star, with Terminator to Conan and many others. From true off-road vehicle is equipped with chassis with side members and four-wheel drive. No compromise.

The design remained very similar to the 1979 series. It would have been a big mistake to change it. But the technology had a great evolution . To guarantee the best performances security and connection . It will arrive on the Italian market in the summer. Larger (from 4.66 meters to 4.71) wider than 12 centimeters, presents new LED headlights . The platform for increased off-road performance has a torsional rigidity increases by 55% . But the car weighs 170 kg less . Thanks to the use of aluminum in some parts and other noble materials.

The interior presents great news

The 12.3-inch dual digital display makes its debut. Which debuted on the S-Class and the E-Class. All seats are heated. Numerous customization options.
But the offroad talents remain spectacular. The height from the ground is 27 centimeters can wade up to 70 cm. Can face slopes up to 100% ( inclinations up to 35 degrees) has a ngoli of attack of 31 degrees at the front and 30 at the rear. [19659007] New Mercedes G-Class 500

The model at the launch is the G 500 . Powered by the powerful V8 4.0 biturbo petrol from 422 cavall i of power and 610 Nm of torque. The four-wheel drive has three self-locking differentials and the gearbox. The transmission is the 9G-Tronic automatic. A portento,

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